Earworm: Paramore – Pressure (and an editorial)

We are back! Well sort of. I know it’s been a long while since any of us three has posted anything. I myself just got married, and had to go through the process of moving, and getting readjusted. Pat, is wrapping up his HS life, and getting ready for college, and Clothed Snake moving in to a new homestead, and working some freelance gigs. Something had to give and unfortunately, this had to be put on the backburner.

Hopefully we can start providing some sort of content, as we enter into the holiday season, and maybe provide y’all with some fun and immature stuff.

To kick off our sort of return, I give you an earworm, in the form of Paramore’s latest single and video called pressure.

Nothing better than listenting to their smooth sounds, watching them jam out. As usual Ms. Williams looks amazing, with those red locks. Of course, the preverbial cherry on top, water gets dumped on the band, and, I have to admit, seeing a wet Hayley got my heart to skip a bit momentarily.



Earworm: “Ghost” by Sir Sly

It’s back. I’m back. Baby got back. It seems as if I’d taken a year of hiatus from consistently posting on here, and it’s time I got myself back on the scene. My music library has grown, and my ear health has dwindled. Greatly. To rest my ears, I’ve taken to listening to softer music for the summer. One of my favorite songs as of late is a very calming one by Sir Sly, an indie pop band out of Los Angeles, California. Indie pop from out west has been taking over my playlist ever so slowly since Foster the People and The Neighbourhood made it to my ear drums.

And even better is the live version…

Revoltech Reveals Another RevolMini Figure: Venom Snake

Revoltech just released a photo of yet another toy in their RevolMini line.


Looks like Solid Snake and Cyborg Ninja will be accompanied by Venom Snake from The Phantom Pain. This figure is still in the preliminary stage so we’ll have more details as they come. So far it looks good. I’m sure it’ll look amazing after it’s been colored and finalized.

MGSV: The Phantom Pain Plot Leaked, Possibly Fake


Some TPP plot info has made its way onto the internet recently. Gaming Gentleman seems to have the inside track on what the story of The Phantom Pain has to offer. Apparently it’s of the fake variety as reported by GameSpot. I’m actually in the middle of this relatively lengthy read, but the info on hand seems very entertaining. If this is indeed false, then whoever came up with it has some neat ideas. False or not, I’ll slap a SPOILER warning just for those who want to be hands off. Those who DO want to read, knock yourself out.

MGSV: The Phantom Pain Gameplay Demo at 1080p!


The MGSVTPP 30 Minute gameplay demo Kojima released has been swimming around the net for a few weeks now. It was a great peek into how the game will look once the finished product hits store shelves (whenever that will be) and offers a glimpse into the TPP story. For those who, like me, enjoy watching MGS trailers and gameplay footy, you can check out a stream at Gamersyde for some 1080p goodness. If, again like me, you also like to have these clips on file, you can download the full video here. Keep in mind that this file is a hefty 6474.18MB aka 6GB+ so make sure you have extra space in your hard drives as well as a decent ISP to download the file. Enjoy.



Reddit user BigBoss9293 was on hand at the Closed Doors live demo for the Phantom Pain at E3 today. In his post he goes into detail about all the wonderfully awesome things he saw during the gameplay. He goes at length, stating:

[Spoilers if you don’t want to ruin it for yourself.]

Hello everyone! So I’m currently in LA for E3 right now and got the opportunity to see the MGSV closed door demo, twice!! So this demo was for the press ONLY but, apparently some people from press wouldn’t show up and they would fill the seats with people with exhibitor badges. And that’s where I come in! What follows is an in-depth look at the full demo. Please note, I’m not a writer, journalist or any of that sort, I’m doing my best to convey what I saw in the demo for you guys. Thanks for reading! Oh and prepare for a lot of text.

-No cameras or video recording allowed so don’t expect any “good leaked” footage since the -room is small and dark. -Sean Eyestone was the presenter and Jackie Tan played the game (guys from the KojiSta) -running REAL time on PS4 1080p/ 60fps, LIVE demo, NOT pre recorded ( I noticed NO frame drops. very buttery smooth) -starts off with the Trailer from E3 2013, Ocelot and Big Boss on horses -“Miller has been captured for 10 days” -Ocelot -It seems Snake is still adjusting to his new arm because Ocelot hands him over a canteen and he struggles a little to grab it- “Getting used to it?”- Ocelot -Right after hear a tutorial would pop up, but they skip it.

“I give him 3 days tops, if we fail and he [Kaz] dies, WE lose our chance at revenge”…”we need more intel more intel…the Soviets have more outposts, not just the ones you saw” “…Afghanistan is a big place, I expect you to become familiar with those binoculars of yours..” “not one of Miller’s bodyguards survived” – Some quotes from Ocelot during the cutscene (I found it interesting that he said WE lose our chance at revenge

-goes seamless from the cutscene to gameplay -The player opens up the iDroid, it looks revamped a little from GZ, and the map is INDEED huge. Player sets markers over watching the objective -The horse literally starts pooping -Snake proceeds on the horse through the map. As some of you may have witnessed, GZ had quite a bit of pop in, which was disappointing considering the size of the map but while there was little pop in (also the game is not complete) it was better than GZ in that aspect. -Graphics are beautiful, character model is the same, new animations, environment is beautifully detailed -At this point Snake approaches a little “outpost” with two Soviet guards, he hides on the side of the horse to get closer. Pops up and tranqs the guard. -The other guard gets held up by the player and there were additional options (Spit it out, and 2-3 more, cant exactly remember) -He has the guard tell him of a shipping container and it is marked on the map (Sadly I did NOT hear any voice for the interrogation, it just popped up with subtitles and marked the map; just like GZ, HOPEFULLY that changes. NOTE: The presenter was speaking at this point and not sure if it just wasn’t loud enough- take it as you want) and here he tranqs him. -Right here we see fulton recovery for the first time, you press Triangle to fulton soldiers. -Not going to lie, you can’t help but to laugh when you see this happen, the solider just screams as he flys away. -A sheep approaches and he tranqs it and sends it aways with fulton (exact use for animals was not disclosed) -Snake then heads to the container area, he then uses his arm to distract the guard. This part was really cool, he essentially just spins his wrist (best way to put it: imagine your shaking your wrist with a watch on) and it sparks. -Guard approaches and Snake has new brutal CQC moves that go with the environment, he grabbed the guard and slammed his face into the wall, really cool with the blood all splattered on the wall. The animations are all very smooth -Then Snake gets on top of the container and futons it back to Mother Base, note: if you actually stood on top of the container, it would take you back to Mother Base -There is a button now to “call your horse” to you, Snake mounts his horse and then proceeds to original marker. -At this point, a sandstorm kicked in, Sean tells us how the dynamic weather effects many things. Clearly vision is limited, and right then Snake gets caught and reflex mode kicked and he quickly dispatched the enemy. -Sean states that if you fulton enemies during a sandstorm because with high wind conditions, the person may die -Weather clear up and Snake passes a tree and hidden near it were raw diamonds (reminded me of a RPG-loot style element) and resources such as that will be used to improve Mother Base. REALLY COOL. -GMP is the currency and is used to upgrade Mother Base

-Snake approaches the marker and then scans the entire enemy base, the sense of scope is fantastic. -He then opens up the iDroid and just like Peace Walker, he assigned the newly acquired soldiers to units. Specifically the Intel Unit. -Shortly after, the iDroid sent a report showing anticipated enemy locations, Snake proceeds to mark them -During this whole sequence, it is becoming darker, at night the area is guarded much more -You could just sit and wait the time, or use the “Phantom Cigar” -It is a E-Cigar and has no actual smoke (no sign of his presence) and it has hologram smoke. -During the smoking scene, you are able to pan the camera and see everything fast forward in real time- Really impressive seeing all the shadows cast and whatnot. -Enemy patrols will have shifts, move around at different times of the day and once they finish their shift, they go to sleep.

-Before entering, he pulls up the iDroid and can craft items (from Mother Base) and in this case, he has his troops make a Cardboard Box (same one from the gameplay shown last week). -Then Mother Base sends a care package to the position you mark on the map. -Snake takes out the cardboard box from the care package and then proceeds to the map. -This place is the same area as shown in the previous 2 min gameplay demo that was previewed in the KojiSta -Snake pops out from the top of the box, you can also fulton enemies from within the box. -Snake holds up another guard and uses fulton on him as he is (not stunned or asleep) -Something worth noting is that the guards spoke their NATIVE LANGUAGE. Personally, I love when games do that. -Here, the player calls in a support package (containing ammo) from Mother Base and specifically called it on top of a guard in the distance -It comes crashes down instantly knocking out the guard- just plain fun! -Snake proceeds through the outpost. -Everything is beautifully detailed, it seems you can go inside everything in the area (inside rooms, buildings, trash cans, etc) -We see a guard approach a bed- he is coming off his shift and falls asleep. Snake sneaks by -Snake then gets inside the box, the players gets noticed from an enemy (the white U shaped thing popped up) -NEW move from Snake- he LITERALLY dived OUT of the box in the direction away from the enemy. Imagine pressing square (that same dive animation) and bursting out the box -The box was left idle there for a distraction (all works out as long as the guard doesn’t see you slide out) -The player also shows that you can fulton jeeps as well! This all looks really silly (NOT in a bad way) and is just so “Metal Gear” (personally little quirks that I love- the audience laughed when all this was introduced) but awesome mechanic -At this point a guard is approaching Snake around the corner, so he jumps inside a trash can. -When the guard got close by, “R2” popped up and you are able to CQC takedown the enemy inside the trash can -Here Snake gets closer to his objective- it is on the second floor of a building. -Once Snake walks in, we notice a POW on the floor, Snake approaches him and BAM! it is Jackie Tan! (the guy playing the live demo) -Snake heads to the opposite side of the room to gather the intel needed for rescuing Miller, a mini cutscene starts- Snake uses the iDroid to literally scan the document and upload it and send it to Mother Base. Ocelot contacts him via codec and acknowledges the intel retrieval. -At this point, Snake takes Jackie Tan outside and uses fulton recovery on him. -Here the player allows himself to be discovered, and “misses” the shot during reflex mode. -I noticed that the “alert” phase did not start IMMEDIATELY, right after he missed, the enemy seemed to have hit an alarm that he carried(?) -Snake switches to his assault rifles and kills the guy, seconds after, we hear the radio chatter for calling reinforcements. -The player opens iDroid and then uses Mother Base for back up- options I remember are “helicopter, artillery” and he used artillery. Snake calls it on his location along with a helicopter to pick him up. Snake runs out and finds a jeep. -At this point as he is driving away, the player pans the camera to watch the explosion behind him. -Morpho is the name again, and he arrives, Snake jumps on, and Snake sits on the side of the helicopter because Sean said that you are “never safe” and the player must be ready to defend the escape -The mission ends and it shows the same screen you get for beating any mission in GZ, Jackie Tan scored an S ranking

-At this point, Sean tells us this is NEVER before seen footage -Snake opens up the chopper to sit on the side and we are arriving at Mother Base!!! -Everything is FULLY customizable, the location, color, layout, etc, etc. REALLY FREAKING AWESOME -Snake lands on the base, and you literally just free roam around your base!! All your men approach you and salute when you walk by them -It is the same strut- looking environment seen in the recent trailer -Gathering resources and your troops help in developing your Mother Base -As Snake walks around, we see Jackie Tan, the Sheep from earlier, the Jeep, container, etc -“Everything” is done by the player- we see a “strut” in construction in the distance. Oh Mother Base is in the middle of the ocean. -While you are gone, your soldiers are roaming around, CQC’ing, sparring, at the shooting range, etc. You can join with them to train your troops (improve their stats) along for the actual player to practice CQC or aiming. -You can also fulton AA guns because they will be needed to defend Mother Base, you can also purchase UAVs -Snake is on top of a structure now, and casually sees Ocelot!! He does that iconic hand motion to you. Very cool -Here it begins raining, further showing the dynamic weather is also for when you are at base, not just on missions. -All of a sudden alarms start going off and a solider speaks on the PA system calling all troops to combat -Sean explains that YOU can be attacked, and he mentioned “online friends” can attack you, depending what you do on missions can have an effect on the attacks -Snake runs down, jumps aboard his helicopter and then the demo ends

-Screen goes black, we see a scene of Snake in the helicopter and he puts on a patch that says “Kojima Productions” then the demo officially ends

That is all for the impressions! I spent a good amount of time writing this up, I truly hope you guys found this beneficial! I got a really sweet Black Diamond Dogs shirt, and after seeing this gameplay guys…it blew anything out of the water for me at E3.

You can also read his findings here.

And to show proof that he WAS at the demo he even posted his badge and a Diamond Dogs tee for his troubles:



Kudos to BigBoss9293 for the great info. All I can say is YESSSSSSSSS!