Merry Christmas🎅👍

Hey readers, just wanted to wish you all a Happy Holidays! We, Big Cheese, Cheesecake, and I hope you guys and gals get everything you wanted for this season. One thing that I asked for, which i got early; a copy of the Mass Effect Trilogy! Looking forward to adding this to my backlog cracking these open and perhaps doing my own review.




  1. Merry Christmas! Enjoy playing through the Mass Effect storyline. Mass Effect 1 feels like quite a chore these days (mostly because of the MAKO), but 2 and 3 are definitely masterpieces.

  2. Funny, I got the trilogy after you did, and I got it cause you got it, and, well, I got done w/ the Mass Effect 1, and started my 2nd play through….BUT you knew that already. LoL

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