Day: January 30, 2014

Old Snake With New Tricks


Hideo Kojima posted this photo on his Twitter, saying, “Game development now and then.” I got hit with a touch of nostalgia, having played every MGS game from Metal Gear (MSX) to MGS Peace Walker (PSP, PS3, 360), and owning each game at least 3 times over. Some better than others, but I love all the games.


From the days of the PSX to the now current generation of consoles in the PS4 and Xbox One, MGS has evolved over time, not just in story and gameplay, but from a visual POV. Our beloved Snake, whether Solid or Naked, has transformed with every new Metal Gear, bringing him closer and closer to reality. The more powerful gaming machines become the more we get closer to that Legendary Soldier, and it shows. MGSV Ground Zeroes is a testament to that evolution. From sharp polygons to pin point accurate photorealistic incarnations, Snake has never looked more lifelike, to the point where you can almost shake his hand.

On the photo from left to right, is Solid Snake from PSX (though rendered in the FOX Engine for PlayStation exclusive DLC), and Big Boss from the upcoming prologue MGSV Ground Zeroes. The differences in generations are quite remarkable. And if nothing else, this is just nudging me to want MGSV GZ even more. OK, I already own the game in my heart and mind, but ya. Ground Zeroes drops sometime in the next few months. As always I’ll do a First Impressions for you ladies and gents.

Stay classy…

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter