Alvin’s Musical Follies – Alvin Restrings a Cute Guitar


No, this is not my guitar. The owner is my son’s classmate.  I was just asked to replace the strings on this guitar, but I gave it a bit more.  This cute, black beauty, needed some TLC.


Kotobukiya to release a Bishoujo Sniper Wolf Statue.


And it looks pretty dope.  I have a Kotobukiya Female Shepard Bishoujo statue, and the detail and art work was amazing. (See my original post here)

Slated to be released apparently in Q2 of 2016.  Too long, but will be waiting for it for sure.  Prices will most likely be around $80-$100 USD.  More to follow when more details arise.

Metal Gear Sahelanthropus Figure Looks Freakin’ Dope!

Toys  these days, they are looking very much detailed to a tee.  Just look at any of Hot Toys  …Toys….  and even the run of the mill action figure is looking more detailed than they have ever been.  Anyway, head on to the link past the break and check out this awesomeness. (more…)

Alvin’s Gadget Follies – One Month With The Samsung Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6 Booting Up

Galaxy S6 Booting Up

So it’s been a little over a month with my (then new) Samsung Galaxy S6 from Rogers.  Since my purchase of this white, 64 GB model, I have gotten a simple Griffin bumper cover for it.  The “honeymoon” is over and I’m taking some time here to share my thoughts on the device, so far.


Revoltech Reveals Another RevolMini Figure: Venom Snake

Revoltech just released a photo of yet another toy in their RevolMini line.


Looks like Solid Snake and Cyborg Ninja will be accompanied by Venom Snake from The Phantom Pain. This figure is still in the preliminary stage so we’ll have more details as they come. So far it looks good. I’m sure it’ll look amazing after it’s been colored and finalized. (more…)

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance GECCO Statue Lookin’ ILL

This GECCO Statue of Raiden from MGR: Revengeance looks ridiculously awesome. It looks equally as badass as the Hot Toys 1/6 variant that was just announced a few weeks ago. What makes this statue even more badass is that Raiden is standing over a cyborg soldier that’s been CUT & TAKEN (ZANDATSU). He even holds the guts of the poor half man, half robot in hand. Cannot wait to see what the finished product will look like. Stay tuned for more things to come.

PAK Toys Redux


So I was cruising the internetz and happened to come across a Konami Blog page which consisted of redone paint jobs for Play Arts Kai MGS toys. Owning some of these toys myself, I couldn’t help but notice the exceptional paint job that this modder had done. his name is Tomasz Rozejowski (aka Zelu1984). He is a painter/sculptor who has modded a number of toys from different brands, namely the PAK MGS toys. When interviewed on Konami Blog about his technique he had this to say:

In general with most of my customs there is quite a lot of sculpting involved, I use FIXIT Sculpt clay for many of my projects as it gives me tons of flexibility and about 5 hours sculpting time before the clay gets rock hard. In terms of sculpting tools I use pretty much anything I can find: craft knives, pens, toothpicks, paper clips etc. With paints I’m still experimenting but I’m quite happy with Vallejo – Model Color.

Here are some nice examples: (more…)

Toying Around (Part One)


So I was perusing my toy shelf as of late and I realized that it’s practically bursting at the seams because of the relatively recent additions I’ve made to it. I even meant to put an article up about this last year but didn’t happen so I decided to use 2014 as a good springboard to do so. The last few years really made a difference between this and my last reported toy musings so I thought I’d share with you readers out there. This will be a bit of an undertaking so I’ve decided to break it down into three parts, with me expounding on the top shelf first and work my way down to the bottom in the coming parts. So with that lets get the show on the road…