Missed opportunities

Don’t you just hate it when you’re waiting for that right moment, or that right subject, but you just missed it by a split second.  It happened to me recently, while waiting for some pelicans to face me, or fly somewhat toward me, I so happen to spot a sea hawk, fly overhead coming in from the opposite direction.

I was lucky enough to be able to spot it right away once I brought my camera up, but it was too little too late.  It had lunch on it’s claws too.


I did get the pelicans though, but that will come on a separate post.  So, has anyone else had this sort of missed chance at getting a great shot? Comment below and tell us your story.

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Twin Titles on the Line at the Thompson Bucks County Classic Series Finals of the USA Cycling Pro Road Tour and USA Crits

(Doylestown, PA) – August 21, 2017 –  The Thompson Bucks County Classic roars back into Doylestown on September 10, 2017. The race will crown the men’s and women’s champions of the season-long USA Cycling Pro Road Tour, and the specialist short course series, USA Crits. A clash of styles will be on display for the public as the wily and fast USA Crits racers fight it out with the hardened road riders of the PRT on the crowd-lined 1.4-mile Doylestown circuit.


The women’s and men’s races will be live-streamed to twin jumbotrons and across the internet on buckscountyclassic.com and other cycling related websites.


The famed Doylestown race, now in its 14th-year and boasting an international winners list of racers from Germany, Ukraine, Italy, Sweden and Australia, has always drawn praise from its competitors.


“The Thompson Criterium in Doylestown has always been one of the top races in the country,” said veteran pro racer Bill Elliston. “Between the young, hip crowd, the beautiful and technically demanding circuit, and high quality production values, the race represents everything great in American cycling.”


The nation’s top professional cycling teams will vie to be the first across the finish line and claim their share of the $25,000 (equal for men and women), prize purse. The high-speed battles include a 25-mile race for the pro women and 62-miles for the pro men all on a 1.4-mile racecourse that circles the heart of one of America’s greatest small towns and the famed Doylestown Arts Festival.


“The Thompson Criterium represents true American cycling at its very best” stated Race Director John Eustice, “The high speeds and multi-lap, non-stop criterium action has always been what our country loves the most.”


In addition to the men’s and women’s pro races, the Thompson Bucks County Classic will include a 25-mile amateur men’s race for USA Cycling category 2 and 3 racers, allowing new talent the chance to make their name in a pro race setting; a “high wheel” or “Ordinary”race for antique bicycles; a Cyclosportif offering 31- and 61-mile recreational rides with bicycle valets and a hospitality tent with VIP views of the pro races (registration is limited to 140 riders for each ride); and children’s races that take place on the professional racecourse.


The schedule of events is as follows:


  • Cyclosportif at 8:30 AM
  • Amateur Men at 9:00
  • Children’s Races at 10:00
  • Lenape Scorcher Antique Bicycle (Ordinary or Penny-Farthing) at 10:30
  • Doylestown Health Pro Women at 11:45 AM
  • Thompson Pro Men at 1:00 PM.


On-course broadcasting will capture the speed and emotion of the races. Spectators will be able to follow the racing live via the twin jumbotrons on the course, and also on computers and mobile devices.  Also new this year, the races will include a series of special sprints strategically placed along the course to insure non-stop action, complete with replays and analysis.


The Thompson Bucks County Classic is made possible through the support of generous sponsors, including The Thompson Organization, Penn Valley Constructors, Eastburn & Gray, and Doylestown Health. Lexus will return for their fifth year as the Official Vehicle of the Thompson Bucks County Classic.


For more information on the Thompson Bucks County Classic and the weekend’s events, please visit: www.buckscountyclassic.com

Chester Bennington Tributes

I’m still quite shocked that Linkin Park’s front man Chester Bennington is no longer with us.  His voice, and lyrics really got me into music fully, and pretty much molded my music listening preferences as it is today.  I still get a bit emotional when I hear their songs now.

I came across 2 tributes to Chester by Coldplays  Chris Martin and 30 Seconds to Mars’ Jared Leto.  Very hear felt to say the least.


Random Photos – Doylestown, PA

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a while since we have done a serious stream of posts. Life has been crazy to say the least. I am now a proud new father, and just that alone has taken up my free time. Leading up to this, with all the preparations has eaten up every fiber of my being, as well as my wife. Anyhow, I am hoping to start a new series of posts, simply called ‘Random Photos’ and with a sub-heading of the town I happen to be taking those photos.

Today’s entry is from my current home town, Doylestown, PA. I shot these with a Fuji X100S in raw, edited in Adobe Lightroom to taste. Oh, and I suck at street photography, so bear with it. LoL

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Chester Bennington: March 20, 1976 – July 20, 2017

It’s been over 24 hours upon hearing the death of Chester Bennington, the lead singer to my favorite band, Linkin Park.  I am at a loss for words for this, and to be honest, it did hit me harder than I thought it would.  I have been listening to Linkin Park and Dead by Sunrise (his side project from a few years ago) since yesterday, and to think that incredibly unique voice wont be belting out harmonies deeply saddens me.

Our deepest condolences to Chester’s family, and his close friends.  We hope you have found your peace.

For now please enjoy some of our favorite Linkin Park, Dead by Sunrise, and for the most part Chester’s body of work.

Vive Le France

On behalf of everyone at JustWroteABlog, our thoughts and prayers to the people of France. This is a terrible act against the French people and humanity in general.


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Fro’s Massive Contest

Jared Polin aka Fro, is giving away your choice of a Nikon D810, Canon 5Ds or Sony A7RII, and some other prices. Simply go to this link http://froknowsphoto.com/giveaways/jigunda/?lucky=128703 and enter your email. It’s that simple.

I entered, you should too!. Also here’s a video of him ‘splaining.

Jezza’s Digital Follies – So many (cell-phone) cameras! (and some horses)


Recently, the world famous Budweiser Clydesdale horses rode through town to do a beer run.  They actually had to drop off a case of Bud at each of the local bars.  Well in any case, it became a spectacle.  I wasn’t actually expecting it to be that ‘chaotic’.  I’m not really going to talk about the horses.  Sure, they were magnificent beasts, all very well mannered and groomed to perfection.  No, I really want to talk about the cell phone or ‘iPhone-tography’ (is that what it is really called?) that’s just the craze these days. (more…)