Recently, Merriam-Webster added some words to the mainstream dictionary, and one of those words is ‘Earworm’.


noun \ˈir-ˌwərm\

: a song or melody that keeps repeating in one’s mind.

And being as dedicated as we are to the English language, we shall dedicate a daily earworm segment on our blog.

The word itself was popularized by the great author Stephen King on a column he wrote for Entertainment Weekly, titled “The Trouble with Earworms”.

“My friend the Longhair says that’s what you call songs that burrow into your head and commence chewing your brains.
The dreaded earworm can turn even a great song into something you’d run from, screaming at the top of your lungs. If only you could,”
Stephen King

Earworm isn’t really a new word, but sort of an addition, to ‘differentiate from the once-sole definition for a specific blight on ears of corn.’
Hope you enjoy our little contributions, and prepare to get your ears all wormy.

Source links:
Merriam-Webster – Earworm

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