Alvin’s Digital Follies – A Sunday Meat Fix

Bario Restaurant, as seen from the West.

Barrio Restaurant, as seen from the West.

Labour Day is commonly known as the last long weekend of the summer in Canada and the U.S.  Most people head out of town to cottages or to camp.  This year, because I am doing a bit more travel than expected, I stayed in town.
What to do in Toronto?  Well there are plenty of things to do!  The CNE (locally known as “The Ex”) is still running, and for the first time, the annual Epilepsy Toronto Buskerfest ran this weekend at Woodbine Park.  But before heading over to the Buskerfest, my girlfriend and I decided to go to church, then have lunch.


Digital Follies – Open Streets Toronto (Aug. 21, 2016)

Road Closed! Yonge Street, looking north from Shuter Street.

Road Closed for Open Streets!  Yonge Street, looking north from Shuter Street.


Well, it was raining on the Saturday night that had just past, and I was concerned that on Sunday it would be a bit too wet to bike out to Bloor Street and Yonge Street where Open Streets Toronto was being held.  To my delight, the moisture dried up and it turned out to be a beautiful day!  It was a great change from the heat waves that ravaged the city for the past few weeks.



Alvin’s Road Trip Follies – A Visit to Portland, Maine for “C-Food?”

Back off! Get your own butter!

Back off! Get your own butter! (Taken at Lobster Cooker, Freeport, ME) – LowFi filter applied from Instagram.


Well, with 1000 km’s under my belt as a warm-up for this year’s driving season (yes, it was a late start for me), it was time to step up to the big-leagues and head over to Maine.  What prompted me to go?  Well it wasn’t the seafood, that was for sure – I’m allergic to pretty much anything that comes from the water.  I was purely in this trip for the drive and to see the sights! (Warning: Another very long read!) (more…)

Alphabet Soup – R


R is for Reflection.  I got nothing snarky to add. #jwab #alphabetsoup

R is for Reflection. I got nothing snarky to add. (Ed: He’s reflecting on bacon 😛 -Alvin)



R is for Real, as in this REAL big (20L/5 gallon?!) jug of Hellmann’s REAL Mayonnaise I spotted at Costco today.    Perfect for my BLT (yeah, bacon! Pshhh to whoever said bacon causes cancer…these days everything causes cancer!)  By the way, there were 4L/1 gallon jugs found to the left of these.
#jwab #alphabetsoup #becausebacon #bacon #mayo #hellmanns

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October Calendar

Alphabet Soup – M

(Ed: Totally conincidence that M landed on a Monday -Alvin)


M is for the Macallan like this 18 year old delicious scotch which I need after the NY Giants dismal outing against the Eagles. #jwab #alphabetsoup #scotch

M is for the Macallan like this 18 year old delicious (Alvin ed: single Malt!!!) scotch which I need after the NY Giants dismal outing against the Eagles. #jwab #alphabetsoup #scotch



M is for Map which is a Mobile app on my Mobile phone. I used this Map to find a Metro grocery store along Mississauga Valley Boulevard in my hometown of Mississauga (to find Myself some Mmmm, Bacon!)  This also happens to be a Monochrome photo!  XD  #jwab #alphabetsoup

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October Calendar

October Calendar

Alvin’s Cooking Follies – “Bacoma” Fil-Can Style


The Lechon is ready for serving!

PORK!  We here at Justwroteablog totally enjoy this meat cooked in any way possible, but for the longest time, I have been hunting down ways to cook pork belly prepared like Filipino lechon: crispy, crunchy and salty skin with a slight hint of garlic flavour; (more…)

Where Is Garfield Now? A Visit To “The Big Onion”


Garfield jumping and urging me to take a pic of him at the Willis (ummm…it should be Sears!) Tower. Explains why he’s blurry.

Chicago is definitely one of the best North American cities that Garfield and I have ever visited. Friendly people, great food, fantastic shopping and awesome nightlife!  Oh, and I failed to mention Chicago has one of the most spectacular skylines on the face of this planet!  As with most big cities, traffic can be terrible and parking is very expensive! Read on to find out why the city might be coined, “The Big Onion”. Where Is Garfield Now?