Month: July 2014

Revoltech Reveals Another RevolMini Figure: Venom Snake

Revoltech just released a photo of yet another toy in their RevolMini line.


Looks like Solid Snake and Cyborg Ninja will be accompanied by Venom Snake from The Phantom Pain. This figure is still in the preliminary stage so we’ll have more details as they come. So far it looks good. I’m sure it’ll look amazing after it’s been colored and finalized. (more…)

MGSV: The Phantom Pain Plot Leaked, Possibly Fake


Some TPP plot info has made its way onto the internet recently. Gaming Gentleman seems to have the inside track on what the story of The Phantom Pain has to offer. Apparently it’s of the fake variety as reported by GameSpot. I’m actually in the middle of this relatively lengthy read, but the info on hand seems very entertaining. If this is indeed false, then whoever came up with it has some neat ideas. False or not, I’ll slap a SPOILER warning just for those who want to be hands off. Those who DO want to read, knock yourself out.

MGSV: The Phantom Pain E3 2014 Trailer Now At 60FPS!


A new and improved version of the MGSV trailer has popped up online. Thanks to Gamersyde, who also graced us with a 1080p version of the 30 minute gameplay video, we are treated to the glorious Extended version of the E3 2014 trailer. The file is over 1GB so get your copy here and enjoy.