Alphabet Soup – Q

Late to post this because we were caught watching the Jays. What a great run! We’re proud of them and can’t wait to see them go for it again next season! #GoJaysGo #ComeTOgether

Also supporting the Mets and hoping that they exact revenge on Kansas! Let’s Go Mets!



Q is for Queen. Queen Elizabeth is found on the back of Canadian coins, such as our nickles, dimes and Quarters, and not pictured here, our loonies (dollar coins) and toonies (two-dollar coins)!  Psst! Collect enough and buy some Bacon! XD  #jwab #alphabetsoup


Q is for Quitting time.  Happy #Friday to all! #jwab #alphabetsoup

Q is for Quitting time.  Happy #Friday to all! #jwab #alphabetsoup

Want to participate? Find out what letter we are on using the calendar below, take a pic relating to the letter of the day and post it on Instagram or Flickr. Don’t forget to tag #jwab and #alphabetsoup


October Calendar

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