RPOTD – Train full of trucks

I arrived at my train station today to find a freight train idle and sitting on one of the the station.


I rushed myself down to the platform, extremely curious to look at the locomotive and the cargo.  It’s very rare for a freight train at a full stop here.


It was a great opportunity to grab a few snappies.



In the next snappy, you will see that there are many yellow and gray coaches. Whenever they pass, I always wondered what cargo was in there.


This was my chance!  Time to get that closer look.


Are those cars?!?


So yes, they were coaches that were made to carry cars.  In this convoy, the coaches had Ford F150 pickup trucks and Explorers of various trim levels.


I counted at least 25 of these coaches until the trail went out of my sight. If I read correctly, the coach can handle 4 vehicles.  So 100 in this train from what I had seen so far!  Quite a site!

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