Earworm: “By My Side” by David Choi

Ah, my first Earworm post (I was aiming to beat The Big Cheese to getting the absolute first Earworm post, but meh, this shall suffice). Feels good, I’d say. It’s good to let these things off our chest.

(For a more detailed explanation of what this whole Earworm series is to be, click here: https://justwroteablog.com/earworm/ )

Well, the song stuck in my head today, (and quite frankly, for the last few days) is By My Side by David Choi. I do plan on singing this, when the time comes, at my wedding. Too early to be deciding who that special woman is, but seriously, this is to be at my wedding.

Choi is a really talented Asian-American artist who has found his fame on YouTube. He generally composes ballads, and oh are they ever so sweet. By My Side, however, just takes the cake.

*And if you enjoyed the music video, check out the behind the scenes!

*The music video was produced by the wonderful Asian-American production company, Wong Fu Productions (Philip Wang, Ted Fu, and Wesley Chan). Check out their videos and have a good laugh!

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