Never Forgotten

14 Years ago we faced one of the biggest atrocities this country has ever experienced. I will never forget what I saw that day, the feelings I had, the emotions…

As I sit here on my desk, staring at the Freedom Towers, I can’t even imagine if was sitting here 14 years ago, and seeing that from my desk. I did see Tower 2 fall in a roof top parking lot, and I still can’t believe it to this day that it happened.

From all of us here at JustWroteABlog, a moment of silence to the heroes and the victims of that day.

Photo courtesy of http://markwalston.com/

Never Forgotten

I was planning on writing a recollection post,  what I remembered during this day 11 years ago.  We all know what happened, we all remember.  It’s really hard to forget, something so unthinkable happening so close.

My thoughts are still with those that perished, to those that tried to help, and to those that fought.

Iconic Image of FDNY raising the American flag at Ground Zero.

And even though this happened 10 days after, it is still a vivid memory, a sign of hope, the first step to trying to move forward after that tragic day.

I found this site while looking for the photo up on top.  Very moving images that were captured during that time.  It might be disturbing, so please proceed at your discretion.


And lastly, the photo below, I took earlier today, from my desk. It’s my view from my office.  The Freedom Tower, being erected.   We only moved into this office a month ago, and the company I work for wasn’t around yet then, but I can only Imagine, if I had been sitting there at that spot 11 years ago.  Actually, I cannot imagine what it may be like.

Freedom Tower