Today, I will present to you a story. Something we haven’t done here on JWAB before is post fiction. We’ve never come up with some short stories (not articles) to maybe entertain (or in today’s case, confuse) the audience.


Random Flickr Photo of the Day, Cheesecake Edition, Septemer 15, 2012!

Jaws by This Guy Patrick
Jaws, a photo by This Guy Patrick on Flickr.

So, The Big Cheese is out celebrating his best friend’s wedding and I will be the one taking over the RFPD today!

So, let’s get started.

I like pictures. I like travelling. I like taking pictures when I travel. I also like art. And especially graffiti. Or wall murals. See where this is going?

I saw this bad boy in New Hampshire on a small side trip coming home from Maine. It was a really cool mural, and I had nothing but a cell phone to take a picture with. My Droid Incredible 2, needless to say, did a good job with this one.