Batman Arkham Knight Trailer

Arkham Knight

Arkham Knight


This looks really juicy.  I have only briefly played the first Arkham game for PS3 when it first came out, and I thought it was very well done.  I never got around to buying the last 2 releases for PS3, but recently, a good buddy of mine gave the first 2 to me as a gift via Steam.  Anyway, as I mentioned, the trailer looks juicy.  It shows off 3 villains, Harley Quinn, Two Face, and the Penguin, oh and the Batmobile is PRESENT!  This raises a question though as to how the Batmobile will be implemented in the game.  Bats got around the previous games before just fine with out it.

The trailer looks gorgeous.  I doubt it is done in real time, but with the hardware muscle of the next or current gen systems (PS4, and XB1), and the PC, it looks to be visually stunning.  The game drops later this year, and will be only available on PS4, XB1, and PC.  This will be Rocksteady’s final Arkham game, and it will also conclude that story line.

Some screen grabs for you:

Two Face

Two Face

Penguin looking un-penguin like

Penguin looking un-penguin like

Harley, I prefer this one over the past iteration from the previous game

Harley, I prefer this one over the past iteration from the previous game


Jumping into action

Jumping into action

I am now Ben Affleck...wait..what?

I am now Ben Affleck…wait..what?

The new Batmobile, looks pretty sick

The new Batmobile, looks pretty sick





Sony E3 Press Conference – Live Blog

It just started, and I am currently trying to watch it.  Stream is a bit choppy though.  I will be updating this as news comes in.  I will keep you all posted.

You all can follow along here.

Update 1: Sony dude is starting off with the PS Vita.  We want PS4!!!

Update 2: Looks like they are bringing out God of War HD, FF X and FFX X-II, and Flower remakes on the Vita.  They also announced Batman: Arkham Origins, and Killzone to name a few.

Update 3: PS3 now, and they are kicking it off with Naughty Dog‘s The Last of Us which drops tomorrow. Stream is really choppy.

Update 4: Puppeteer looks amazing!

Update 5: Game with Willem Dafoe with a female protagonist…Beyond 2 Souls.  Looks dope! Now they are showing GT6.

Update 6: So CHOPPY!  I can see some new cool cars for GT6, the Nissan Delta wing for one.  Graphics looks amazing.  We will try to post up any of these trailers later on.  Now he’s talking about Last of Us and all the accolades it has received thus far.

Update 7: Looks like Batman: Arkham Origins.  Can’t stand this choppy stream!

Update 8: PS exclusive for Batman,  Nightwing skin as well as a 1960’s Skin. GTA: V PS3 bundle also announced as well as a GTA: V Pulse headset special edition.

Update 9: FINALLY PS4!!! Andrew House just went on stage.

Update 10: They just revealed the PS4.  Looks sleek, half  glossy, and half matte. Picture shortly.

Update 11: They are talking about media services, such as Music Unlimited and Sony Pictures that will be available to the PS4.

Update 12: Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited will be available on day 1.

Update 13: Redbox unlimited will be available on PS3 and PS Vita soon, as well as some Pay-Per-View items.  Flixster will be also available soon.

Update 14: PS4 exclusive IP being shown by Sony Santa Monica.

Update 15: Looks like a steampunk type of game.  Stupid choppy stream!!!

Update 16: That was called ‘the Order’

Update 17: Updates the games they showcased back in Feb.  Killzone looks damn amazing.  GT6 looks even more amazing, and InFamous second son also.

Update 18: Killzone and anther title (did not understand) will be released at launch, InFamous in Feb. of 2014.

Update 19: Realtime trailer – Dark Sorcerer.  Looks so goood.

Update 20: Dark Sorcerer trailer was hilarious.

Update 21: Super Giant Games revealing their new game for the PS4-‘Transistor.

Update 22: They are showing off some Indy games.

Update 23: Oddworld makes a come back!!!!!

Update 24: Square Enix showing off FF Versus Trailer.  No new news though.

Update 25: Now I am confused, was that FF XIII Versus or FF XV.  And they just showed Kingdom Hearts 3.  Fan-rejoice! available for PS4.  FF XIV will be a PS4 and PS3 exclusives.

Update 26: UBIsoft showing off new Assassins Creed game-play footage.  Ship warfare…!

Update 27: NBA 2K  with video game LeBron looks great

Update 27: Watchdogs Demo now.

Update 28: No Disc restrictions! It’s pretty much the opposite of XBox One.  Basically what you can do with PS3 will be the same as PS4.

Update 29: No required internet connection!

Update 30: Destiny gamepay demo shown.  Looks damn amazing.

Update 31: PS4 will be available for $399.00 !!!!  Coming out this holiday season.  No real date yet.

Final Update: Sony killed it with their press conference.  Basically they are offering gamers a REAL gaming machine, one that can be used with out any hassles of being connected online and you can actually do what you want with the games you purchased, not just permission to use on your system.  The games they showcased looked great, but with the choppy stream, I have to re-watch them all on the you tubes.  Price point is 100 less than XB1, and the system design itself looks a bit better than the rectangular box that Microsoft has.  Sony will be having my money on release date.

Thank you Sony for giving us what WE the gamers want.



Pop Culture’s Coolest Cars

Saw this list on Top Gear’s FB page.

One of my favorite all time pop culture vehicles was The DeLorean Time Machine from Back to the Future, It was a great mix of fantasy and reality.

Powered by a Flux Capacitor, this can take you back in time

(Image Credit –

Another favorite, at least when I was a child, was Tim Burton‘s Batman Batmobile.  At the time, I thought it was the coolest rendition, befitting the caped crusader.  I think to this day it still stand’s up, compared to the Joel Shumacher Batmobile’s, and even the Tumbler from Crhistopher Nolan’s series.

Batmobile - Tim Burton's Batman

(Image Credit –

I ask our followers/readers, what’s your favorite pop culture vehicle?

The Batmobile of Batman & Robin.

The Batmobile of Batman & Robin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)