Alphabet Soup – T

Alvin and Jezza:


(Photo courtesy: Fox Sports, New York Post.  See here!)

T is for Tar, as in what is suspected to be PINE TAR on the shin guard of Royals catcher Perez.  #LGM  #GOJAYSGO  Enough said.  www.justwroteablog.com   #jwab #alphabetsoup

Don’t know what letter we are on?  Take a look below.  Post your pic on instagram or twitter and don’t forget to tag #jwab and #alphabetsoup.

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Snappy Fridays: LGM!

Let's Go Mets!

Let’s Go Mets!

Snappy Fact:

The New York Mets are the first sports team I ever became a fan of. Let’s go Mets!