My latest addiction…

in gaming has been Star Wars: The Old Republic, or SWTOR for short.  Picked it up right after I built my PC, since it’s been changed to Free To Play.  We’ll I’ve played it for about a week, then ended up paying for a subscription.  It’s been about a month, I have since created 5 total characters, and I have been playing every chance I get.  This is my first MMO game experience, and I have to say, I have been missing out.  I know the defacto standard is World Of Warcraft, but I just never really was into that franchise.  I want to get into Guild Wars 2 also, but maybe after my addiction to SWTOR dies down a bit.

If anyone is on the Ebon Hawk Server look me up, my Jedi is Vamentha (pictured below), and my Bounty Hunter is Gerta’k

My SWTOR Jedi Knigh

My SWTOR Jedi Knight


My Bounty Hunter Gerta'k

My Bounty Hunter Gerta’k


Build update – HIS Radeon 7850 is in!

My HIS Radeon 7850 came in a day after I had ordered it from Newegg, and the reviews on the site were right.  I tried Metro2033 on 1920×1080 and on on max settings, as well as Star Wars: The Old Republic, again on all max settings, and it ran without a a hitch.  As of now, I am totally pleased with how this build has come together, and how it’s running.  I might upgrade my sound card soon, and maybe go water cooling, just because the fan on the Cooler Master heatsink/fan is noisy.  Will pick up another 2 TB of HDD storage (to replace an aging 750 GB and a 1 TB drive) as well as a BD burner optical drive to round off and complete the build as is.  But as of now, the core components are in, and running smoothly.  Time to install Photoshop and Lightroom to see how they do.


My new HIS Radeon HD 9850 next to my old XFX ONE Radeon HD 5xxx

My new HIS Radeon HD 9850 next to my old XFX ONE Radeon HD 5xxx