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Apocalypse ….

So all this hub bub about the world ending today, well, I’m posting this now, so I guess it’s not going to happen. Great, now I have a lot of powdered milk, and powdered cheese to consume, and some spam also. I guess it’s cool, cause I didn’t get to stash up on Twinkies. How convenient was that, Twinkies ceased to exist, and they were said to have a shelf life of like a million years, and, the world didn’t end. When I woke up this morning though, it was very crappy weather, and, well, just seemed like apocalypse was sort of happening.

My co-worker, Marky Mark and I were talking about it, and well, we came to the conclusion that the Mayan that had the duty of making their calendar either ran out of stone, finally realized he had a shitty task, and quit, or he went for a break, and got attacked by a Jaguar or something. Maybe we should do the same thing, chisel some stone, and bury it somewhere only to have future generations find it and have them freak out. LoL.

Now I have some Holiday shopping to do, and doing it this weekend is pretty much suicide right there. Anywho, I found this t-shirt graphic that pretty much sums up what happened. I think it’s cool, and I might pick it up.

I survived!

Source:  T-Shirt Groove