Samurai Pizza Cats Fan Club Oath

The Pizza Cats are Samurai,
and I’d like to note:
their antics take your breath away
like furr balls in your throat
We kittens are a special breed
we never call retreat.
Whenever Big Cheese knocks us down
we land upon our feet.
So hail to thee, oh Pizza Cats.
Please ring your little bell.
Although you may be pen and ink
we know you’ll fight like…
Pizza Cats!

What is Samurai Pizza Cats you may ask, it was a 90’s cartoon from Japan that was show in the wee early hours of the AM during school days, so that no one would know it’s epic-ness.  It was very funny, and witty, and well drawn as well.  It is one of my favorite Anime’s out there, sadly it was short lived.  Read more from it’s Wikipedia page .  The oath above was recited right before the end credits.   I should hunt down a dvd set for this, if it is available. Anyhow, i’ll just have to turn to the you tubes.  Oh yeah, the end theme came up on my Zune, whilst I was doing random chores, hence why I thought i’d share this with you all.

Here’s the Intro. Listen to it carefully, the lyrics are funny.

and here’s the end theme with the oath.

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