Month: December 2012

Blake Griffin Kia Optima Time Travel back to 1999 Commercial

Honestly one of the best commercials I’ve seen in a long long while. NBA All-star Blake Griffin has swag, and with his Clippers on a 17 game tear, I definitely needed to share this with you guys. His Clippers join elite company by being only the third team in NBA history to have a 16-0 month, the other two teams being the early 70s LA Lakers and the mid 90s San Antonio Spurs.

My Challenge.

As 2012 comes to a close, people are starting to bring out their inevitably never-to-be-achieved New Year’s Resolutions.

I decided, screw resolutions. I challenged a couple of my friends to a friendly competition.

We’d been discussing for a bit about working out at home, not having access to gym memberships.

The challenge given? Just improve your overall health. Eat right, work out, and be happy. Losing weight is the aim, getting and staying fit is the final hope.

What are your resolutions/challenges for the New Year? Let us know!

Extreme Couponing…..

So, this is the first time I am watching this show on TLC, and it’s pretty crazy. It’s pretty much a full time job.
I am thinking how hard it is to really get into it, like if I tried to do it for lets say a month.

Challenge Accepted?

I am not sure if I would ever want a stockpile though, but for what I pay for a random trip to the supermarket, they get like 3,287 items for like $6.00, it’s totally insane.

I don’t think I have the patience to do this though. They have lists, pre-calculations, and what ever else it is needed.
This is really insane. if anything else, it’s a good laugh to watch if you have nothing else better to do.

Update: The last segment they did, the stored actually owed the person some money…

Playstation 2 ends production

I still remember it clearly, I just had graduated college, and about to take on the world, and to celebrate, I traded in my N64 Donkey Kong Edition (it was green, and I should have kept it), my PSone, and a slew of games to get a shiny newly released PS2. Walking home from what was then called Electronics Boutique (Game Stop to all of you young uns), I was ecstatic, and could not wait to dive right in and experience the ‘Next’ Generation in gaming. Thinking back now, I can’t even remember what my first game was. I do remember playing Zone of Enders endlessly with my cousins, as well as Twisted Metal Black (the end credits with the Rolling Stones – Paint it Black was awesome, and will always be forever be associated with that game and the PS2 with me). And we also did some damage with Gran Turismo 3, which, to me was totally jaw dropping in the graphics department, and probably was the first game to me, to blur virtual and reality, in terms of looks.

I have played many games on that trusty big black brick, heck, I still have the majority in my basement (along with my PS2), and that system has served countless hours of gaming fun, from the Gran TUrismo‘s, the Madden’s, the Metal Gears, and The DDR’s, yes Dance Dance Revolution. I have so many fond memories playing my PS2, but somehow, even with all those great games, it still does not hold a candle in my heart as the SNES did. I have better gaming memories in the 8 and 16 bit era, than that of the first 2 Playstations. But I digress.

My PS2 hasn’t been touched since I bought a PS3, and I still purchased games for it about a little over a year ago, which I had meant to play, since the newer PS3’s aren’t backwards compatible.
I might just dust off my PS2, and be nostalgic for a bit, and relive some of those games. To date, I think I have over 100 or so PS2 games, and I might just do some retro recollections here.

Anyway, here’s to the PS2, you have given all of us some great memories in the past decade.


English: Two iterations of the PlayStation 2 c...

English: Two iterations of the PlayStation 2 console, the fat and the slimline. On the left is a slimline model SCPH-70001 with a vertical stand, on the right is a SCPH-30001 with a DualShock2 and 8MB memory card plugged in. This is the JPG version. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Here’s some video’s for your viewing pleasure.


Holidays are over

The holidays are over. What a shame it is, really. After this, people will go back to their regular everyday lives of not giving two hoots about family. And worse, no more gifts (unless your birthday is near, then you’d be lucky to have dinner bought for you)!!!!!!!!!!

It honestly did not even feel like Christmas arrived at all this year. Sure, the gifts were good, but that’s besides the point. I mean that I didn’t feel the warm, toasty loving feeling in the pit of my stomach that would force me to smile and run around screaming like a banshee.

I’m the oldest kid in the family, and so no one is really there to match my inner insanity besides The Big Cheese, but our insanity together gets toned down around la familia.

Anyway, no structure to this, just thoughts in a conglomerate. Next up, New Years, and then it’s back to normal.

Holiday Joy – or lack there of

Well, Christmas has come and gone. I hope everyone got what they were hoping to get and then some, and stayed safe throughout the process. Now it’s the time to start paying off those bills.
These past few holidays has been sub-par. I haven’t really felt all that Christmas spirit as of late. I guess with work, stressing what to gift to get to your special people, fending off the other holiday shoppers, figuring out food, logistics, it’s just not the same anymore as when you were younger. All you worry about is if you are going to get that cool new toy or gadget. This conversation has popped up one too many times this year, and I don’t know, I just can’t get into that holiday joy anymore.

Hopefully it will change next year.

Earworm: “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Wanz

Funny rap songs. I’m in.

Funny rap songs with meaning behind them? Even better.

The last verse of this catchy and hilarious song actually makes so much sense. Why pay so much money to buy something that won’t even make you look unique? It’s not like buying expensive clothes get you the ladies (or men, or, hell, both). Yeah, the style might help.

But why pay full price? Thrift Shop. This is fucking awesome.

This earworm is literally embedded in my head. I can’t stop singing the hook, and the rapping is actually really smooth. I can dig it.


Holiday Shopping

So I got my shopping done in a day.  Granted it was 3 days before Christmas, but I got it done in a day.  15 gifts, and under-budget, and my area not being THAT overly crowded, it was a good shopping day.  I just got annoyed with all the driving.  I added about 100 miles yesterday just going from store to store.  I even got myself some nice holiday treats.

Anyway, a small comic for everyone.



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