Farewell, Matt Smith

As you should know, I am a Whovian. I am a very, very big fan of the Doctor Who franchise.

In recent news, the youngest actor to ever portray the time traveling alien has resigned from the show. This of course does not mean Doctor Who is ending. This just means a new actor will take the reins from Matt Smith. 

But, Matt Smith’s portrayal of the eleventh incarnation of the Doctor was an instant favorite of mine, and with his deep emotional range and childish charm, he won the hearts of many Doctor Who fans. Some still stick with David Tennant, the man who played the tenth incarnation of the Doctor, but Matt Smith definitely did not disappoint viewers.

He singlehandedly brought back tweed jackets and suspenders and bow ties and fezzes and top hats and stetsons. Some call him the hipster Doctor, actually.

In his tenure as the Doctor, Smith had large, floppy, bouncy hair. In recent pictures, he shaved his head, a hint to many that the manchild was ready to leave.

Now, I’m not one to pay attention to celebrities, however, being that Doctor Who is one of my three favorite shows, I am inclined to be very sad about this departure. Smith took his departure very seriously and his exit was done in a respectable public fashion.

Onward to bigger and better things, Matt, stay cool.


  1. Another Dr Who fanatic here. I loved Matt Smith’s incarnation, perhaps because it most closely resembled my favourite Dr – Tom Baker. I also loved the River Song thread running through the Matt Smith reign. After Alex Kingston, all the other female leads just look insipid. Ah well, end of an era. Long live the Dr!

    1. Matt and Jenna looked as if they were working so well together and it’s a shame that Clara’ll be left with a new Doctor. Honestly, all the Matt Smith era companions and Catherine Tate/Bernard Cribbins from the Tennant era are wonderful, I can’t bring it upon myself to choose a favorite. Rose (shocking) and Martha (not so shocking) were my least favorite.

      1. lol – sorry, I don’t know the names of the companions in real life so I’ll just say I loved Rory, hated Amy Pond. -shrug- Must be a female thing. I’d really like to see the female companions stop being whiny, mini-skirted bimbos.

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