Day: June 24, 2013

Wet Snake


So I was perusing David Hayter’s twitter today. I do this with Hideo Kojima’s as well as Kiefer Sutherland’s, just for some sudden breaking news if any, and happened upon Hayter’s scuba adventures while apparently on vacation. I thought to myself, “man I’d like to be off somewhere for some R&R.”


Then I read the photo’s accompanying hashtag which said:

“This will soon be me, again…

This would be a fairly innocuous comment in itself if it weren’t for Hayter’s past tweets and interviews about how he felt when not being called to reprise his roll as Snake for the upcoming MGSV. If we didn’t want to be to intrusive we’d probably think Hayter meant that he’d go scuba diving again the next day after that photo was taken. But for the MGS fan who reads between the lines there could be a hidden message being thrown at us. I like reading between the lines.

“This will be me soon, again…”

Could he mean that he WILL be Snake again? Could he still be trolling us and continually use his twitter to tease us? What adds to my speculation is this damned hashtag:


What comes to mind is the prologue portion of MGSV, Ground Zeroes. Mother base is seen being destroyed, going down in flames, with Snake and company fleeing the scene.


During the Extended Trailer there is a bomb looking box extracted from Paz’s body which led me to speculate that it could explode while in the chopper they’re riding in, perhaps causing everyone Including Snake on board to take a dip in the ocean, hence DeepWaterSnake.


Maybe Snake pulls a Bourne Identity and gets lost in the ocean till someone finds him in a coma floating around and then 9 years later he wakes up and The Phantom Pain portion of the game takes place. It’s fun to speculate! What’s your take? Hit the comments!

Source: David Hayter twitter

I have joined the Dark Side.

By the Dark Side, I mean the dreaded iPhone nation. I have made the transition from Android to iOS. Now, iSheep, do not revel in this ‘defeat,’ for I’m still Android at heart. Partly why I’m actually documenting this reality is because of my heavy bias.

Let us remember , an article I posted much earlier in the days of JWAB.

Read that prior to the rest of this post, that way you get the full experience of my experience.