Walking Dead Gear Solid


Whether or not you guys and gals have been keeping up, The Walking Dead AMC TV series is in its 4th season. There’ve been more zombies walkers than Rick and crew can shake their guns, katanas, and crossbows at. The funny thing though is, those cadavers on foot aren’t the only things our main characters have to worry about. It’s actually other living survivors of this pseudo apocalypse that they have to worry about. Because when the world ends, it’s everyone for themselves.


In season 3, as with the previous seasons, we’re introduced to new characters who either stay alive long enough for a handful of episodes or just get killed in one fell swoop. There is one character that we do get introduced to that really gets my goat. But that’s a great thing because it usually means that the actor plays it very well. So well that I find myself screaming at my TV when shit is going down. That character, ladies and gents, is none other than Philip Blake aka The Governor. Talk about bad guy. This guy is the pinnacle of manipulative and dastardly deeds. He will befriend you, get you to follow his lead, convince you to turn on your friends, maybe request that you torture any insubordinates, as he shoots innocent bystanders execution style behind your back, all while sipping a cup of chamomile tea. Yep, he’s THAT villainous!


David Morrissey who plays The Governor does such a great job portraying season 3’s main antagonist. He’s mean, yet smooth. He’s calm, yet has that air of creepiness about him. During one episode he gets into a struggle with one main character and loses his right eye. Once he put on his eye patch something in my head clicked, “BIG BOSS!” I thought to myself that if there ever was going to be a live action MGS flick that shows Big Boss, The Governor could definitely make a running! He’s more that exceptional with weapons. He’s got charisma that can lead a whole townsfolk. He’s really gritty and has that weathered, seen-some-shit quality in his voice when he speaks. And DAT EYE PATCH! I’ve seen The Gov sporting a bandana too, though it turned out to be a bandage from that struggle I mentioned earlier.


Any way I cut it, he’d make a great Big Boss. From running Mother Base with his comrades, to amassing his army for Outer Heaven, The Governor could do MGS some justice. David Morrissey is a relative unknown in Hollywood, and Kojima has expressed that he’s like an unknown actor to play Solid Snake. Why not Big Boss, too? I can picture it now. Only it won’t be Walkers to worry about, but giant mechs!

Season 4 of The Walking Dead is already about half a season deep and I haven’t watched it yet because I plan to collect all episodes and binge marathon, as I did with the previous seasons on Netflix. If any of you haven’t seen it yet, give it a shot. All 3 past seasons are available for streaming.

Blake? Blake?! BLAAAKE!!!

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