Month: October 2013

Android 4.4 – Kit Kat

As of this writing, the newest iteration of Android, version 4 dot Four or better known as Kit Kat is now available.  Well, sort of.  I still haven’t gotten the push for my Nexus 7.  It is on the newly available Nexus 5, which is available for all carriers that’s not named Verizon.  (seriously, WTF?! I am seriously thinking about moving carriers!).  Google Play editions of the HTC One, and GS4 should get the push shortly, as well as developers editions.  Nexus 4‘s should be getting them soon as well.  (again, Verizon does not have any of the dev. versions of the One and GS4, as well as the Nexus 4, seriously, WTF?!).  HTC made a bold announcement that it will try to get Kit Kat out to the One (that’s not a GPE or a DE) within 90 days.   I am so hoping that will come true, they did do good by shipping out 4.3 to all other carriers other than Verizon this past month, and well Big Red’s version will roll out at the end of November.  (again, SERIOUSLY!? why is Verizon holding back on all this stuff, seriously WHY!?).  Anyway, Kit Kat has a slew of new features, and even though it’s only a dot 1 upgrade, it’s still a significant upgrade.  The video below is from MKBHD.  He explains the top 5 features of Kit Kat, and then some.  Enjoy!



Dual shock 4


I quickly took the unboxing video, and now we have to dub it, and do all this other stuff.  We also will try to get it to work with our PS3, as some reports state.  On super early impressions, it feels good, a bit bigger than the DS3, and a bit heftier, but not uncomfortable.  It does feel more ergonomic in the hands.  Shoulder buttons feel better placed and the analogs feel that much tighter.  The touchpad, can also be pressed, which I didn’t know.  In any case, here’s a quick comparo pic with my pretty dirty DS3.




Original Post:



We just picked up our very own dual shock 4 for Sony‘s upcoming PlayStation 4. We will have a hands on impressions up soon. Stay tuned.



Earworm: Ylvis – Massachusetts

From the people that asked a now nagging question on what the fox says, come’s um, an advertisement for the state of Massachusetts.  Just watch it and enjoy.  I did get confused with this one, and, well, you might be too.  Ylvis is making a big splash here.  Let’s see how long they can ride the rave.



Earworm: Britney Spears – Stronger

Wrapping up our all female Earworm week, I give to you probably my biggest pop crush back in the day.  Ms. Spears was a constant for me in my mix CD‘s, a constant in my PC wall papers, and just a constant.  Her breakout hit ‘Baby One More Time‘ had her dressed up in a catholic school girl uniform, and like so many other dudes that denied even getting a stiffy for her, I was hooked.

Her music, is not bad, not great, but not bad.  It is your typical pop, bubbly stuff, but it was catchy.  I don’t listen to her stuff much these days, as my musical taste sort of out grew her style.  In any case, I did an Earworm for ‘Baby One More Time’ already, so I give to you ‘Stronger’.  It’s only fitting since, around this time last year, super storm Sandy was creeping up on us, and a lot of the northeast USA (which is where I am) got ravaged.  Stuff was destroyed, lives were lost, but like what a part of the song say’s, ‘Stronger than yesterday’ and I think a lot of us are just that, Stronger, we survived that great tragedy, and we are stronger now than yesterday.

Earworm: Spice Girls – Wannabe

We are near the end of our all girl Earworm week, and to commemorate that, let’s get some girl power on.  Pop super group, Spice Girls ruled the waves back in the late 90’s.  I mean, 5 amazingly attractive British girls prancing about.  What more can a hormonal college kid ask for back then.  (Ok, lots more, but you get the drift)  Whatever Zigazig ah is, I want to to it w/ all five of them. LoL Enjoy!



Earworm: Katy Perry – Hot N Cold

An old favorite, since they’ve been playing her new single ‘Roar’, it sort of brought me back 5 years ago when this song was her big hit (OMG it’s been five years already?!).  I sort of have an attachment to this song, since at the time, I was going through some relationship woes, and I saw myself as the guy that she was talking about.  Anyway, here’s the video.  Enjoy!


Earworm: Applause – Lady GaGa

I used to not like Lady GaGa.  Not that her music is bad, but they just overplayed her music a few years ago.  But for some reason, when this song came out, I instantly liked it.  Maybe it’s the beat, maybe it sounds a bit different from the stuff that’s been on the airwaves recently.  In any case, this still continues our all female Earworm week, and I did jump from the 80’s  to today’s music.  Enjoy!

Earworm: M2M – Don’t Say You’ll Love Me

M2M is a Norwegian pop duo that briefly came to our consciousness in the late 90’s when their song ‘Don’t Say You’ll Love Me’ was a song that was in the first Pokemon movie.  I have no idea why I thought of them all of a sudden, and why I was sort of humming their song at some point today.  It worked out well, since they are the next entry in our ‘All Female’ Earworm week.


Earworm: Beethoven’s “Fifth Symphony” (NSFW)

Classical music puts me to sleep. It’s relaxing, it’s solid, it’s just what it is. Classic.

Twerking however…………. Twerking. It’s fantastic. Sometimes it can be what we kids today call “ratchet” but other times it can be classy.

I have no words.

Ladies and gentlemen, watch this when you can do it shamelessly. ClASSical performance right here.