Rest In Peace, Paul Walker (Update)



In all the whirlwind about the unfortunate accident that happened last weekend, I just wanted to mention (prolly something that we all know at this point) that Roger Rodas was also in the accident with Paul Walker. He and Walker have been friends for over a decade and helped put together Reach Out Worldwide, the charity organization that helps victims of catastrophic events such as those who were effected in the Philippines by hurricane Haiyan. Rodas was also a car enthusiast who enjoyed fine automobiles.




I came upon some sad news tonight. Actor Paul Walker, best known for starring in the Fast & Furious movies has died today in a deadly car crash. Reports say that he died while driving his Porsche at a car show charity event on Saturday November 30 2013 (today for us in the east coast). It’s been confirmed by multiple outlets including TMZ, Variety, US Magazine, and FOX News. The unfortunate aftermath can be seen here.

Honestly I thought it was a hoax at first. Celebs are susceptible to hoaxes of this nature, especially high profile actors such as Walker, himself. My wife came to me and blurted out, “Paul Walker died!” All I could say was, “Bullshit!” I’m always in need of cold hard facts, especially when it comes to conspiracies or hoaxes. When things make the rounds on the net, I have a tendency to smell BS until the truth about anything is confirmed. I was in a state of denial (still kind of am) about this because, obviously I don’t want it to be true. Walker was one of my fave actors, and the FAST franchise is one of my faves as well. And while I know he’s just an actor which potentially trivializes this sad event, he came off as just a normal human being who just happened to be an actor. He seemed pretty down to earth and the characters he played in all his movies seemed just as level headed, which made him very relatable, for me anyway. Yes, he was a celeb, but didn’t let that notoriety go to his head. He’s been a car enthusiast for years, did BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), and did charity events, just as this one, letting people do test drives in his Porsche.

It’s a pretty sad thing when anyone passes one, celeb or otherwise. And people die everyday. I suppose Paul Walker was just one of those who, at 40 years of age, gets put along with those individuals who have had their flames extinguished all too early. My personal tribute (if I can call it that anyway) will be to do a Fast & Furious marathon and watch the first six FAST movies.


Rest In Peace, Roger Rodas and Paul Walker aka Brian O’Connor aka Buster. You both will be missed.

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