Day: June 19, 2015

Alvin’s Film Follies (Part II – Ilford Delta Film and The INSANE Road Trip)

The I80 in Wyoming after a Storm

The I-80 in Wyoming after a Storm

After coming away fresh from Jon’s Ilford PanF 50 challenge, I was itching to find a really nice go-to, everyday, black and white film.  Don’t get me wrong – PanF is a great film, but I thought that it needed special handling just because of its lower ISO.  Because of this, I wanted my film to have more of an ability handle a “run and gun” shot since I commute to and from work. What can I try out next?  Enter Ilford’s Delta 100 film.


Jezza’s Film Follies (Part 1)

'What the hell are you?'

‘What the hell are you?’

As our newest editor stated here, I issued a challenge to him (and myself really) to do a film shoot out.  We both have Nikon film cameras that were collecting dust, and we were getting back into the whole film thing.

For a while we’ve shot film here and there since moving on to digital – both of us started photography when digital wasn’t even a thing yet.  (I just wanted to get that out of the way so this makes us non-hipsters LoL.) So during one of our Hangout sessions (Google Hangouts – since I’m in NYC and Alvin’s in GTA) (more…)