Month: July 2015

Snappy Fridays – Locked and Loaded!

I’m ready for a long weekend of camping! ASA 100! E-6? What?!  Yep!  Locked and loaded into Penny and ready to go!


Have a great long weekend!

Snappy Fridays – Sys Admin Day

I’m willing to bet there are a few IT system or network administrators/(anal)ysts out there who have pulled a practical joke or two on several people in the office!  Well, to those of you who work in this capacity, this one’s for you!  Take a look at the video in the page I’ve linked below.

Happy Sys Admin Day!

Snappy Friday’s – Breakfast!

Happy Friday to all!!  I have to say it’s been a tough week as you may have noticed.  Myself and Alvin has been absent from our regularly scheduled posts.  We will resume usual non-sense next week.  For now enjoy this picture of a bacon and egg on a roll with hot sauce, my usual Friday breakfast.

You know you want one too!

You know you want one too!

Android Getting Stagefright?

We all know nothing is bulletproof.  Somewhere, someone will always want to break in and steal your stuff.  Especially now, we carry around  basically a digital ID card, our (smart)phones.  We store anything and everything on it.  We can think we’re safe, but, sadly, we’re just really fooling ourselves.

This dude found this bug found in pretty much all version of Android, and it can be triggered via SMS.  Nexus users will most probably get the patch the soonest.  Lollipop users are also the safest, but not 100% safe.

A patch will be great if it can be sent out swiftly, but with different brands, skins, carriers, it’s tough.  This is where, and I hate to admit it, Apple has a leg up on Google.  Anyway, don’t read any unknown text messages with video attachments.   Even if it’s from someone you know.

Click on link below for full story.

Thank you to Alvin for bringing this up.

Batman: Arkham Knight – Impressions

image Not too long ago I picked up Rocksteady’s last installment on the Batman series.  Their take on the Batman franchise has been well coveted.  I do own the games for PC on Steam, as well as having, I think, Batman: Arkham City on PS3 via their PS+.  I picked up this game for the PlayStation 4