Alphabet Soup – J



J is for Jays, as in the Blue Jays, who I am watching on TV, and hoping, with other Toronto fans, will take game 5 from Texas and advance to the ALCS. #jjwab #alphabetsoup #GOJAYSGO #TorontoBlueJays

(Ed: The Blue Jays did win tonight and are advancing to the ALCS!!  Bring home the Bacon!!)

Bonus from Alvin:


J is also for Jeep.  Could one of these Jeeps be what Jezza is looking for to bring home some more bacon?  LOL! #jwab #alphabetsoup


J is for Jaywalking.. Like this dude..yeah..  I forgot to take what I really wanted to put up today. #jwab #alphabetsoup

J is for Jaywalking…like this dude on the left.  Yeah…I forgot to take a pic of what I really wanted to put up today. #jwab #alphabetsoup

Don’t know what letter we are on?  Find out with the calendar, below.  Also you can tag #jwab and #alphabetsoup to share your photos with us!

October Calendar

October Calendar

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