Earworm: Bacon Ft. Ty Dolla $ign – Nick Jonas

I am putting this song up as an earworm for one reason and one reason alone.  It’s called “Bacon”.  Other than that, I really don’t care much for this song, but maybe you will. Enjoy!

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Bacon – Single (Explicit)

Bacon – Single (Clean)

Album – Last Year Was Complicated (Explicit)

Colossal Bacon Sampler 

Funny Bacon Shirt


Alvin’s Road Trip Follies – A Visit to Portland, Maine for “C-Food?”

Back off! Get your own butter!

Back off! Get your own butter! (Taken at Lobster Cooker, Freeport, ME) – LowFi filter applied from Instagram.


Well, with 1000 km’s under my belt as a warm-up for this year’s driving season (yes, it was a late start for me), it was time to step up to the big-leagues and head over to Maine.  What prompted me to go?  Well it wasn’t the seafood, that was for sure – I’m allergic to pretty much anything that comes from the water.  I was purely in this trip for the drive and to see the sights! (Warning: Another very long read!) (more…)

Alphabet Soup – J



J is for Jays, as in the Blue Jays, who I am watching on TV, and hoping, with other Toronto fans, will take game 5 from Texas and advance to the ALCS. #jjwab #alphabetsoup #GOJAYSGO #TorontoBlueJays

(Ed: The Blue Jays did win tonight and are advancing to the ALCS!!  Bring home the Bacon!!)


Alphabet Soup – E



E is for the Electricity that is carried through this Electrical Equipment that powers our Electronics and stuff in our homes, such as our microwaves and stoves (and allow us to cook our Bacon!) #jwab #alphabetsoup


E is for Empire Building conveniently located in the Empire state. #jwab #alphabetsoup

E is for the Empire State Building conveniently located in the Empire State.

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October Calendar

October Calendar

Alphabet Soup – D


D is for Digital camera's on Display.  I really stretched it today. #jwab #alphabetsoup  #nexus6

D is for Digital camera’s on Display. I really stretched it today. #jwab #alphabetsoup #nexus6



D is for @downtowncamera, the folks who take great care to Develop and Digitize my memories captured on film and then transfer them onto a compact Disc. #jwab #alphabetsoup  And, in keeping with the bacon theme, some of the photos I take allow me to bring home some bacon too!! 😛

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October Calendar

October Calendar

Alvin’s Cooking Follies – “Bacoma” Fil-Can Style


The Lechon is ready for serving!

PORK!  We here at Justwroteablog totally enjoy this meat cooked in any way possible, but for the longest time, I have been hunting down ways to cook pork belly prepared like Filipino lechon: crispy, crunchy and salty skin with a slight hint of garlic flavour; (more…)

Random Photo Of The Day – B+B!



On the lunch menu today: Canadian back bacon in a kaiser and Boylan Root Beer. Courtesy of Imperial Meats in the Outlet Collection at Niagara.

Bacon (or Burger) and (root)Beer!  Probably the best lunch combo there is!

(Ed: then I noticed in my pic…Potato and Bacon soup…what’s with bacon these days?! XD. )

Random Photo Of The Day – Banh Mi Boys

Went to a Vietnamese sandwich shop some time last month and this was what my girlfriend ordered.  Rice bun, veggies and a decent sized strip of Pork Belly.  Jezza, eat your heart out!


A proper review of this tasty number whenever I get a chance to revisit.