Time to Switch?


Nintendo’s NX is finally revealed, and it’s now called Nintendo Switch. See the reveal video below and have your mind blown.

Ok, is your mind blown? I like this concept and I am so hoping that it will work as good as it’s shown.

I have a ton of questions in my head, like battery life, hardware specs, media delivery and or format, storage size, etc., etc., etc.

The Switch is a totally awesome idea, and I am so behind this ten fold. We will push along information as they come along. Oh and it looks like new version’s of Nintendo’s IP’s.

It will be released in March of 2017.

Sound off on what you think of Nintendo’s new system on the comments below.

For now, grab yourself a Wii U and or a Nintendo 3DS and play some amazing titles that we love that’s available for it. (By doing so also helps us maintain this site, and allows us to do fun projects for your consumption.)

Wii U w/ Mario Kart 8 


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