Time to Switch?


Nintendo’s NX is finally revealed, and it’s now called Nintendo Switch. See the reveal video below and have your mind blown.


A trio of awesomeness – Nintendo announces some 3DS titles. (long over due sequels)

I wont even say much about these titles.  They are made by Nintendo using their A-List protagonists, and when Nintendo does that, it’s usually most probably going to be awesome.  I might as well just hand over some cash to them now, cause these are must get titles.  Finally something new to play on my 3DS.  I think with these 3 upcoming titles, I would’ve picked up one, but Fire Emblem is awesome in it’s own right. Now, GIVE US ADVANCED WARS!!!


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Free Fire Emblem: Awakening maps via SpotPass


The new’s just keeps getting better.  Not only am I enjoying 3 very awesome games at the moment (Fire Emblem: Awakening, Tomb Raider and SWTOR) and that it’s only March, and there’s still a slew of games (and systems) set to be released later on this year, but now you can get free DLC‘s for Fire Emblem: Awakening.  I think i’m going to give this a go right now.   Read the press release below.



Fire Emblem: Awakening impressions

Finally been able to put about an hour into the game.  Yeah, it’s not a whole lot, but enough to tell you that the game is awesome.  It plays just like the old Fire Emblem games, but with updated graphics.  I do enjoy the anime cut scenes, looked great on 3-D also.  The one thing I do find a bit annoying is the partial voice overs.  Instead of full dialogues, characters either say a few words at a time, or just do some random grunts.  You get used to it after a while, but I wish they would’ve just not put any voices in, or at least left it for the cut scenes. Also, why don’t they have feet?

Anyway, the game is great, story is entertaining as of now, and the battle graphics are good looking.  Can’t do much on the over world map, so I won’t hold that against it.  More to follow shortly.



Nintendo 3DS Fire Emblem Awakening Edition Unboxing

I finally got my hands on the Nintendo 3DS Fire Emblem Awakening Edition.  It came out earlier this week, and the game itself is in short demand due to some shipping issues, at least according to the dude at Gamestop, and due to that game card shortage, fans of the game are snagging the system with the game pre-installed.  The system itself is in high demand, as it’s not even available on other retailers other than Gamestop.  Amazon is also selling it for $100.00 over retail, but it’s a Canadian store selling it, which probably explains the price.  I had to pick one up sooner rather than later as the stock is getting thin.

anyway, enjoy the video, and I will be following up with a half review to the game after I spend some time with it.


I have the best luck.

I love video games. The Big Cheese got me into those addictive little nuggets of happiness.

I have so many memories with Nintendo’s DS line. I received a silver Nintendo DS for my birthday, a few years back. Somewhere along the line, I found a beautifully perfect, white Nintendo DS Lite.

I played my Pokemon games to death on those two beasts, but after my DS Lite broke, I was left without a portable gaming system. Two years, I’ve gone without splurging or asking for a new Nintendo DS, but my PS3 is most likely to be held accountable for that. My PS3 is the only gaming platform (besides my Android phone and computer) that I own and use on a regular basis. I do have a Nintendo GameCube stagnantly seated next to my PS3, however.

Anyway, today brought back some of those memories. The rage-quitting, the pride in finally defeating a gym leader, the shouts of excitement after winning a race in Mario Kart DS, the funny and often inappropriate drawings on PictoChat, the amazing, destructive fun of Bomberman…

What brought such awesome memories back, you ask? Well… Much like how I found the white Nintendo DS Lite, I found myself a white Nintendo DSi. An oldie, but at least it isn’t oversized, like the new 3DSXL or DSiXL.

I’m so happy. Time to break out the Pokemon Platinum and Diamond. Gonna catch me some weird Sinnoh Pokemon.