Random Photos – Stirling, NJ

I forgot to grab a camera with me when I left this morning for work.  Sure, I do have my cell phone, but the whole point of this project was to ‘get my gear out’ as Matt Granger would say.  So I dug back to some old photos I had shot before.

This set I did back in 2009, when my mom and I visited St. Josephs shrine in Stirling, NJ.

My editing style as well as my shooting style was pretty different back then.  I shot these with a Pentax K20D, with probably the Pentax 50-135 F/2.8 DA* lens and maybe a Sigma 28mm F/1.7 EX DG.  And as always, edited in Lightroom to taste.  I’m not sure I would edit these the same way.  I think I should actually look for the RAW files from my archives and see how I would edit them now.  Anyhow, I hope you enjoy.

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