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Random Photos – Mid-Town, NY

In keeping with yesterday’s theme, and I guess moving forward with the rest of this weeks random photos, I give you more shots from 2009.  This was during a rainy trek to NYC’s Times Square, and the immediate area.

I don’t really remember much from that day, other than it was rainy and I felt drained just being in that area. These were shot with a Pentax K20D and an SMC Pentax M50 F/1.7 manual lens. Also, apologies for the sizes, I processed these also back in 2009, and back then, I was in the habit of sharing lower res. photos.

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Random Photos – Stirling, NJ

I forgot to grab a camera with me when I left this morning for work.  Sure, I do have my cell phone, but the whole point of this project was to ‘get my gear out’ as Matt Granger would say.  So I dug back to some old photos I had shot before.

This set I did back in 2009, when my mom and I visited St. Josephs shrine in Stirling, NJ.

My editing style as well as my shooting style was pretty different back then.  I shot these with a Pentax K20D, with probably the Pentax 50-135 F/2.8 DA* lens and maybe a Sigma 28mm F/1.7 EX DG.  And as always, edited in Lightroom to taste.  I’m not sure I would edit these the same way.  I think I should actually look for the RAW files from my archives and see how I would edit them now.  Anyhow, I hope you enjoy.

Please leave us some feedback below, like our FB page, or just like this post.  It would be better too if you can follow us, so you won’t miss out on stuff you really can miss out on…lol.  But seriously, we’d like to know your thoughts, good or bad


Random Flickr photo of the day – October 25, 2012


Apologies for the super late post.  I just got my new phone today, a Galaxy Nexus S, and I’ve been playing around with it a bit much. It is also my GF’s birthday, so, stuff had to be taken care of.

Anyhow, this was a picture shot at this massive art place in upstate NY, called Storm King art center.  They have a massive expanse of land, and they have massive artwork all over the place.  I don’t think we even got to explore the whole place.  In one area, I just noticed a bunch of insects, bee’s, lady bugs, butterflies.  I sat there observing, and I decided to just start taking photographs.  I don’t have a true macro lens for my Pentax, but the DA* 50-130mm lens proved to be a worthy lens.  Below is one of my personal favorites from that set.


Pentax K20D
Pentax DA* 50-135mm F/2.8
135 mm
ISO 100
0 EV



If you would like to see more photos from that set, here’s the link.

Random photo of the day – October 16, 2010

My apologies for skipping a day, I was out with some sort of stomach virus that pretty much took me out all of yesterday and the better part of today.  I am feeling better however, and normal useless posts will resume.

Today’s random photo is Raging Bitch by Flying Dog Brewery.  The name really implies this beer.  It has a mean taste, and a mean bark.  If you don’t heed to it, it will bite you in the ass in more ways than one.  One of my more recent favorite brews.  Pick up a sixer if you ever get to see this around.


Pentax K20D
Pentax M-50
1/1250 sec.
85 mm

Random Flickr photo of the day – October 9, 2012

I actually didn’t shoot this.  My friend shot this, and this image is highly edited.  This was during possibly the greatest vacation I ever took.  End of summer 2009, I went to the Pacific Northwest for a few days for fun and relaxation.  It was all of that and then some.  Just travelling without and stress is a worth ten times more than the cost of the trip itself.

My friend showed me around the Seattle area, and we took a drive down to  Portland, Oregon for the day.  On the drive back, we elected to drive towards the Pacific Coast Highway, to stop by the Pacific Ocean.  We got there a few minutes before the sun started to set.  I took a few shots of my own of the sun set, and little did I know my friend was taking photos of me taking photos of the scenery.  I turned around and saw her, so I decided to take a pic of her also, and this was that photo.  I ended up messing around wit it a bit in photoshop, and I made it look like i was shooting the sunset instead of me taking a picture of her.

Shooting the sun

Photo by Kat Sezto – Post processing by Jean-Paul de Guzman
Nikon D90
52 mm
ISO 200

And for comparisons sake, here is the original image, straight RAW conversion to JPG.

Random Flickr photo of the day – October 7, 2012

One of  my fave shots during the ‘Where is Garfield Now’ era, or WIGN for short.  I just did some play with some lights, and made one of my Alien toys, stalking Garfield.

I really ought to bring back a similar series. The original Pez dispenser is all beat up, so I should pick up another similar one.

WIGN - Day 178

Camera Pentax K20D
Pentax K20D
Pentax DA* 16-50mm
36 mm
ISO 800

Random Flickr photo of the day – October 5, 2012

Main St. USA – Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World.

I shot this during my friends 2nd shot at running the WDW Marathon. That year, he did the Goofy Challenge. Half

Marathon on day 1, and a Full Marathon on Day 2. Physically taxing, yes, but super motivational, and definitely a feat to feel good about once completed. One of the advantages of being a spectator and a photographer to boot, is the uninterrupted chances of taking long exposures such as this, with out being bumped or someone walking in front your shot. Again the K20D’s in body Shake Reduction system shines, and coupled with a very wide angle lens, a slower shutter speed can be used without the need for a tri-pod.

Main St. USA - Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

Pentax K20D
Pentax DA* 16-55mm
16 mm
ISO 1600

Most viewed Flickr photo(s) of the day – September 21, 2012

And today’s most viewed photographs on my Flickr photostream with a whopping 4 (each) views is….(there is a 4 way tie)

2 Reds

2 Tornado Red VW GTI MK6

Golf R Tails

VW MK6 Golf .:R LED Tail Light

APR Stage 3

APR Tuned VW GTI MK6 Stage 3 Tuned Engine bay


Tornado Red VW GTI MK6


These were shot from various VW GTI MK6 Car meets.

Random Flickr Photo of the Day – September 19, 2012

This is one of the shots from my failed attempt at doing a 365 series titled ‘Where is Garfield Now?’ or WIGN for short. The basic premise was to shoot a Garfield Pez dispenser in different places/scenarios for 365 days. It was totally random, and it all started when I picked up a Garfield Pez dispenser at a garage sale. I did over 150 odd some days. I do have about a dozen unposted shots, but after falling behind in posting it, I ended up scrapping the whole thing.

I’ve been meaning to do it again since, but just haven’t found the main subject as appealing as Garfield.

Anyway, this was Day 28 and the description I put was as follows;

“Garfield decided just to stay at home today, and chill w/ some buddies.
He also told Optimus and Soundwave that the new movie didnt wiggle his tail, unlike the first one.

(I was stuck at home….so i know, this was a lame one)

Where is Garfield now?

Day 28: Kingswood village @ B-burg, NJ”

WIGN - Day 28

Random Flickr Photo of the Day

I shot this during my aunt and uncles renewal of their vows. I also got a stern looking at from the priest after I did, as I stepped on the alter side of the church, and that apparently is a big no no.

This was a shot from 2009 using my Pentax K20D. What I really love with the Pentax bodies is the anti-shake built in the bodies, and not in the lens, granted, my D700 can shoot at low light with no problems at higher ISO’s. The joy’s of having a bigger sensor.

In any case, this was shot in RAW, with some minor corrections in processing via Lightroom.

Body of Christ

Pentax K20D
Pentax DA* 50-135mm (63mm)
1/80 @ f/4
ISO 1600