Canon 5ds

Weekend With Canon (A 3-Part Mini-Series) – Part “the deuce”: The images


5th Ave. looking north. Shot at F8 or something I think.

I have mentioned in the first part of this 3-part mini series that this was the first time I am using a Canon DSLR at length. So, I am really in unfamiliar territory with this in terms of how the auto focus system behaves, and how the metering system is like, etc., etc. Handling, ergonomics, and menu digging aside, I did feel somewhat at home with the taking picture part of this system.  Much like with any modern day DSLR, (more…)

2 Minute Minor: Delay of Post – 86 Jezza Norris

Beets by Me:  1/1600 sec.  F/1.2 ISO-200

Beets by Me:
1/1600 sec.

We here at Just Wrote A Blog try to give you the best possible content in a timely manner, even though we’ve sucked at it in the past.  I myself got a little carried away with my 3-part ‘Weekend with Canon’ mini series, and did not take into account a couple of things.  One of them is how massive the jpg’s are (converted from RAW) on a 50 MP camera.  File sizes ranged from 30-43 MB.  I will need to maneuver a few things around so you all can have access the full size JPG’s, as well as small enough files for the normal blog.  The blog entry itself is a bit of all over the place, so I need to refine that a scoche.

So while we fix these issues, please enjoy a photo of some beets (above)   that I took with the 5DS and the filthy fifty (50mm F/1.2 L)

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