‘Nintendo’s Flipnote Studio 3D brings extra dimension to 3DS doodled GIFs’

I saw this on Engadget just minutes after turning off my 3ds. I will have to take a look at this later on when I get a wifi connection. http://tinyurl.com/afvyoly

Konami code strikes again

Chromebook Pixel

Chromebook Pixel

I read this over on Engadget, apparently a video game geek over at Google decided to put an easter egg on Google’s spiffy new laptop, the Chromebook Pixel.  Input in Konami‘s legendary code, and you will be rewarded with a light show from it’s LED lights.  I have yet to see a video of it in action, but over at Wired.com, they have an animated gif that shows off the light show.  I am in the market for a notebook, and this pixel will seriously be in my short list.

Wired.com article

Final Fantasy box set announced

Having played pretty about 60% of the major Final Fantasy Games, and being somewhat of a collector, I would so love this to be on my shelf, or storage bin in the basement.

Yes, I do have copies of the re-releases on PSOne, GBA, and whatever else system it came out for, this would still be a pretty major piece for a fan such as myself.  Is the hefty $450.00 price tag worth it though? For me, probably.  It would be so nice if square would just re-do the games to modern standards, but that would take massive amounts of money I am sure they are not willing to spend.  At least give us the best one of them all, Final Fantasy 6.  (yeah, sure, some of you will say FF7 is the best, but let’s not get into that).

FF7 has gotten more attention, with spin-off games, and a movie.  I just wish Square Enix would give us some fan service, and do something for the FF6 camp.

Anyway, it will hit Japanese stores on December 18th.  Who know’s if we will see it on our shores.

Thank you Engadget for the news


Final Fantasy 6 is the best one of them all PERIOD!