New York Giants

Super Bowl




It’s that time of the year, where america pretty much shuts down, and watch 2 teams go toe to toe for football supremacy.  Fans and and non-fans alike all gather at bars or someones house to either watch the game, schmooze, watch the commercials or just hang out and get drunk.  TV‘s are actually priced better for superbowl weekend than black Friday.  Last year, I was in the zone, as my team, the NY Giants were set to face off against the New England Patriots.  The first time they faced, my Giants stunned and stopped New England‘s bid for the perfect season, so this time around, they wanted to exact revenge.  Well, my Giants came out on top, and, that was that.  I’m not a fan of either team this year, but I am a bit more partial for the Ravens, partly cause I do like Ray Lewis, and it be nice for him to win one more.

His dance is also awesome.




So, let’s all fill up on chicken wings, beer, nachos, and whatever else people eat today, and enjoy that is the Super Bowl.

I was going to do a blog as the game went along, but I don’t think that will be possible. Recap post later on.