Roy Thomson Hall

Snappy Fridays – Roy Thomson Hall

I was walking from Metro Hall to work today and looked over at Roy Thomson Hall.  “Hmm…” I thought to myself. “I don’t recall getting a photo of this place from this angle before…”

Snappy Facts:

– Capacity: 2630

– Opened: 1982

– Home for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and Mendelssohn Choir

– During its conception and construction, Roy Thomson Hall was known as New Massey Hall.  Its official name was acquired on January 14, after a CAD $4.5 M donation from the family of Roy Thomson.

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Alvin’s Film Follies (Part VI – A Roll of Expired Film is Discovered…)

Probably My Best shot in the roll?

Probably My Best shot in the roll?

I was sifting through some boxes in an effort to remove some junk in my room and discovered an unused roll of expired Fuji Superia X-TRA 400.


Alvin’s Film Follies (Part III – “Acros” Toronto…)

Bulls in the TD Centre Courtyard.

Bulls in the TD Centre Courtyard.

My hunt for an “everyday” black and white film continued…for the third successive week, I shot blindly around town with a different roll of film not knowing what to expect.  This week, Nikki (my Nikon F90x) and I had some fun chewing through a roll of Fujifilm’s Neopan Acros. I had gotten used to handling the AF50/1.8 D lens and decided to use it again – it has become my choice lens for Nikki.