Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon First Impressions

Even the title screen is so 80's themed

Even the title screen is so 80’s themed

When I was first told about this game by B-Money, I got totally excited, and now, the game finally dropped on April 30th. on PSS for $15.00, and XBLA for 1200 MP.  (see my original post https://justwroteablog.com/2013/04/16/far-cry-3-blood-dragon-dlc/).  I finally was able to get my hands on it earlier today, and I just finished up playing the first 2 levels.  All I have to say is, it’s cheesy.  So cheesy, it’s amazing.  It’s a very weird sensation, seeing 8-bit style graphics on the cut scenes, (imagine NES)  and yet, I’m hearing 80’s style post apocalyptic movie dialog and music.  I did some capturing, but it’s a tad late, so I will divulge more info and some footage and screens tomorrow. (or in this case later).

There is a Demo available on the PlayStation Store if you are weary about spending the $15.00 on it.  How can you go wrong though.  It is based off of Far Cry 3 (at least the game engine), and it’s made by the same people.  I’ve bought games that were less money, and were not as good.  If anything, get it for the cheese factor.  Right from the get go, it’s entertaining.  More soon on this!

Load screens are hilarious too. It's these little things that really separate a good game from a great game.

Load screens are hilarious too. It’s these little things that really separate a good game from a great game.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (DLC)

Even the poster is done 80's style

Even the poster is done 80’s style

So a friend of mine, let’s call him B-Money, asked me if I had played Far Cry 3.  My response was a simple no.  Even though it’s a good game, it was never really on my short list, and I have been sort of staying away from sandbox titles as of late.  Well anyway, B-Money started telling me about the new DLC for it, and well, after the conversation, it is now on my short list, at least the DLC.  Immediately, after I turned on my PC, went to BING, typed in Google, then proceeded to search for Blood Dragon, and just as what B-Money had said, it’s totally over the top, and totally themed after those 80’s cyber cartoons I grew up watching, music, sound effects and all.   (more…)