Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (DLC)

Even the poster is done 80's style

Even the poster is done 80’s style

So a friend of mine, let’s call him B-Money, asked me if I had played Far Cry 3.  My response was a simple no.  Even though it’s a good game, it was never really on my short list, and I have been sort of staying away from sandbox titles as of late.  Well anyway, B-Money started telling me about the new DLC for it, and well, after the conversation, it is now on my short list, at least the DLC.  Immediately, after I turned on my PC, went to BING, typed in Google, then proceeded to search for Blood Dragon, and just as what B-Money had said, it’s totally over the top, and totally themed after those 80’s cyber cartoons I grew up watching, music, sound effects and all.  

The trailer is absolutely brilliant, with animation 80’s style, cheesy commercials before it, and a ‘recorded on VHS‘ feel to it.  It even had a toy snippet at the end.  The DLC will be standalone (which is great, I don’t have to spring for the original game disc), and the main protagonist will be voiced by Michael Beihn (a mainstay in 80’s action flicks).  I am so totally excited for this, and I would like to thank B-Money for bringing this to my attention.
I applaud UBI Soft for making this, breaking away from the usual, and taking a chance.  It may or may not be as good as the main game,  but for us 80’s kids, this will be nostalgia central.  I hope they do a lot of fan service.  Some might be disappointed as it’s not continuing on with the main story line or what not, but, hey, if it attracts more fans, then so be it.  Like I said in the beginning, Far Cry 3 was never on my short list for games to get, but maybe after Blood Dragon, I may just pick up the main game itself.

The DLC drops on May 1st, of the year twenty-thirteen.

Watch the trailer below.

[youtube http://youtu.be/8Vi5osVwLBU]

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