walks with son

Walks with my son: Pentax M50 F/1.7

Today was a bit on the tougher side in terms of taking photos.  While I was poking around in the basement trying to look for a cable, I found my photography bin and stumbled across my Pentax M50 F/1.7 manual lens (that’s the ‘M’ in the M50 in case you’re not a photo gear geek).  I love this, no, I adore this lens, but it being manual, and my eye’s not being the greatest, I always struggled to use it.

I think I did OK with my shots today.  Taking multiple shots of one object since I couldn’t really nail the focus on the first try.  I did try peaking, which my Pentax K3 has, but w/ the sun bearing down on me, and no form of screen shade, that was just as tough.

All shots were in Doylestown, PA, and as mentioned above, my body of choice was the Pentax K3.  Processed in Lightroom to taste.


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