Day: November 19, 2012

Random Photo of the day – November 19, 2012

Unsafe conditions

New Jersey Transit and their genius ideas decides to close down half the platform (Track 5) at Newark Penn Station for some renovation work. I understand the need for that, but they also blocked off a part of where the entrance is to the platform, so it gets bottle necked like crazy coming up the stairs. And what’s worse is Amtrak or whoever is in charge of bringing the trains in to the station, waits a long time to bring in our trains. Massive amounts of commuters, small platform = a recipe for disaster. People push to get to the back area of the platform, and with limited space, it only takes one person to give the right push, and the person in front might have an awkward position, can and will fall to the track. And when they finally bring the train in, it’s a mad rush to get inside the train. There is no order what so ever. Even at NY Penn Station, there are 12 Tracks that the NJT uses, why in the world would you bring a train and have it disembark, on the same track that has a train boarding. You know what happens, a dozen or so people coming off from that train trying to get out while hundreds of commuters trying to get down the stairs. We are all in bad mood already because the train is already late coming in. Seriously, they need to do something about our train infrastructure, it’s a complete joke compared to Europe and Asia, a joke.