Resident Evil: Revelations Demo Inbound For Consoles May 14th


Resident Evil: Revelation fans will be treated to a demo of the console version of the Nintendo 3DS released survival horror game. A bite sized demo will be released on PSN, XBL, and Wii U eShop May 14th. Here’s a trailer for the Wii U version:

Revelations for Wii U showcases the ability to use the GamePad in a few ways. One focuses on using the added screen to show the map as you walk thru corridors and dark hallways. The other option actually let’s you use the GamePad to play the game directly on it.

Having the 3DS version myself, it looks to play very similar to its source material. The 3DS version also lets players use the bottom screen to toggle the map and switch weapons on the fly. And might I say that Revelations is a fine Resident Evil experience OTG. Immersion is high as getting sucked into this game is pretty easy. Were it not for the terrible battery life of my 3DS I could play this all day.

Those looking to experience this game with sharper graphics and a bigger screen won’t have to wait for the console demo much longer. Just a few days, people.

Source: Joystiq

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