Month: April 2013

A trio of new GTA V trailers.

Yeah, it’s been a while since I actually posted something.  Long story, won’t go into it.  I have a few drafts pending, but I just can’t get in the time to finish anything at the moment.  I will make it up soon.

Anyway, I will leave you with three new released trailers for the upcoming fifth installment of Grand Theft Auto.  Enjoy (I know I did.  I cannot wait for this game.)







Earworm: Read more if you want to find out the song in my brain right now.

Burn me at the stake for this one, boys and girls.


DualShock 4 Details

So exciting…

What's Your Tag?

Sony has released a new video giving a little more detail on the controller for the upcoming Playstation 4!

Not a whole lot we didn’t already know, but it’s nice to know they consulted their primary developers like Naughty Dog. I’m still on the fence about the touch feature personally but I actually have faith that Sony and their first party teams can do something interesting with the built-in speaker that Nintendo never managed with the Wii-mote. All in all, I’m taking at least one pin out of the voodoo doll I made for Sony.


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Hideo Kojima Is A FOODIE


[WARNING: if you haven’t had your first meal of the day and are deathly susceptible to hunger pangs I suggest you turn away as the following content could render you Hungry-As-Hell. You’ve been warned!]

Hideo Kojima and his seminal series, Metal Gear Solid have been around for 25 years. Since 1987 Kojima has been redefining the franchise with every iteration and fans clamor for MOAR. But as much as the fans can’t get enough of the series, Kojima can’t seem to have enough to eat. So much so that he posts about his eating habits as much as he updates us on the current status of upcoming games. Here are just some of his more recent consumption endeavors:








NOM NOM NOM indeed!

Source: Hideo Kojima twitter

Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection is a Go!


Well it looks like the rumors of an MGS Legacy Collection that a Korean site announced proved true. Apparently this collection will be released on PS3 and will include: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2, Metal Gear Solid 3 (also includes the first two games, Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake), Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions and Metal Gear Solid 4. Also included are two Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novel by Ashley Wood. So you can play the MGS Saga in order of release, chronology, or backwards. Though I’d suggest going in the order of release as every iteration updates their graphics as well as control scheme so by the time you get to MGS4 and PW the controls will be more westernized. The release date is roughly sometime this June so till then we can all just drool over this awesome poster below.