Month: June 2013

iOS 7… Beta 2?

Already been using this iPhone for almost a month… I’ve gotten used to its innate quirks and undeniable flaws.
But that’s not what I’m here To complain about. In fact, I’m not even here to complain. (shocker, right?!?!?!) anyway. I actually want to inform anyone using an iPhone 5 for Verizon* and wants to beta test the iOS 7 beta 2, to actually go ahead and do it, so long as you don’t actually watch people’s Vine videos.
On the first beta, The features that I found most annoying were these 5.
1) Instagram wouldn’t load properly if you wanted to scroll back up.
2) After watching several Vines, the app would freeze and crash. Simply return home and kill the app to unfreeze it. Which was a bit of a bummer and inconvenience.
3) I can’t see the things people replied to on Twitter. Did Jimmy reply to this tweet or that? UGH
4) Google Translate (actual app) wasn’t working.
5) FUCKING BATTERY LIFE MAN oh and to go along with this the phone reboots (2 seconds really) which is also an inconvenience)

Alright, well, here’s how that list has updated in Beta 2.
2) Vine is destroyed and refuses to play videos. I cannot wait for Beta 3 to see if they fix this.
3) Twitter is still broken in this aspect.
4) Google Translate is still broken.
5) BATTERY LIFE IS IMPROVED TO NEARLY iOS 6 MAGNITUDE!!!! Still a bit horrendous honestly but it totally trumps Beta 1’s battery draining ass. Also it doesn’t reboot as much.

HOWEVER. I did find new bugs in Beta 2. Killing an app has an adverse effect on the wallpaper… Sometimes, not all, it removes the wallpaper leaving black nothingness. Also, I don’t know whether or not this is a bug, but in all iterations of iOS (including 7 beta 1) it was possible to view the big clock on the lock screen and double click to get to music controls. Now, iOS 7 Beta 2 has music controls permanently in place of the large clock. Inconvenient.
But some other improvements other than battery life are present. You can now swipe left on texting to see what time the messages were sent and received, which is a lot more sensible than 15 minute card time checks, which I do believe are still there for those too lazy to swipe.

Anyway that’s my observations on the topic. Feel free to leave comments about your findings!
*I am not entirely sure if these apply to the AT&T or int’l or any other iPhone build model, or if these apply to the iPads as well. Please leave a comment about these too!



Ok so my header image is actually one for wishful thinking as the article I’m referring to in this piece is about Kojima actually talking about looking for a 3rd party studio to recreate MGS1 on the FOX Engine. This is great news and all, though MGS1 has already been rebooted once before. Nintendo had the fortune of MGS1 being remade by Silicon Knights using the MGS2 engine which gave us The Twin Snakes. Great game on all accounts.


What would be even better is if Kojima chooses to remake Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake instead. Kojima has said he’d have to retool the story for MGS1 anyway to fit it into today’s standards and practices of gaming.


Why not go balls deep and just redo those initial MSX games? It’d be totally worth it for MGS fans, Konami, and for all gamers alike. And shit, imagine Solid Snake infiltrating Outer Heaven during Operation Intrude N313… ON THE FUCKING FOX ENGINE!!






Wet Snake


So I was perusing David Hayter’s twitter today. I do this with Hideo Kojima’s as well as Kiefer Sutherland’s, just for some sudden breaking news if any, and happened upon Hayter’s scuba adventures while apparently on vacation. I thought to myself, “man I’d like to be off somewhere for some R&R.”


Then I read the photo’s accompanying hashtag which said:

“This will soon be me, again…

This would be a fairly innocuous comment in itself if it weren’t for Hayter’s past tweets and interviews about how he felt when not being called to reprise his roll as Snake for the upcoming MGSV. If we didn’t want to be to intrusive we’d probably think Hayter meant that he’d go scuba diving again the next day after that photo was taken. But for the MGS fan who reads between the lines there could be a hidden message being thrown at us. I like reading between the lines.

“This will be me soon, again…”

Could he mean that he WILL be Snake again? Could he still be trolling us and continually use his twitter to tease us? What adds to my speculation is this damned hashtag:


What comes to mind is the prologue portion of MGSV, Ground Zeroes. Mother base is seen being destroyed, going down in flames, with Snake and company fleeing the scene.


During the Extended Trailer there is a bomb looking box extracted from Paz’s body which led me to speculate that it could explode while in the chopper they’re riding in, perhaps causing everyone Including Snake on board to take a dip in the ocean, hence DeepWaterSnake.


Maybe Snake pulls a Bourne Identity and gets lost in the ocean till someone finds him in a coma floating around and then 9 years later he wakes up and The Phantom Pain portion of the game takes place. It’s fun to speculate! What’s your take? Hit the comments!

Source: David Hayter twitter

I have joined the Dark Side.

By the Dark Side, I mean the dreaded iPhone nation. I have made the transition from Android to iOS. Now, iSheep, do not revel in this ‘defeat,’ for I’m still Android at heart. Partly why I’m actually documenting this reality is because of my heavy bias.

Let us remember , an article I posted much earlier in the days of JWAB.

Read that prior to the rest of this post, that way you get the full experience of my experience.


Happy Weekend

I have had so many fails in the last few days.  I just recently purchased a classic game, knowing that I can play it on one of my current systems, and maybe do some vid cap, and launch our retro re-visits.  BUT when it went to that portion of the system, my Happauge decided that it did not support it, so I could not do any captures.

I also tried to play Metal Gear Solid 2 HD and the controls was just oh so old or at least it felt old.  In any case, I am planning on taking a break from some gaming, and try to get out and enjoy the sunshine, and catch Man of Steel later on.

What’s everyone’s agenda this weekend? Playing anything?  I do eed to get going on the Last of Us.  I played it for a bit, and I was impressed for the hour or so I played.  I will follow up on that in a bit.


Happy weekend all.

Earworm: Just Give Me A Reason – P!nk Ft. Nate Ruess

First of all, I would like to apologize for posting this.  I know some of you may like this, but I do not.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s an OK song…wait, never mind, I just really don’t like it.  They overplay it on the radio.  Just yesterday, all three of my usual morning stations were playing the song at the same time!  It gets regular rotations on Sirius‘ Hit’s 1, Top 20, and the Pulse.  And it’s been stuck on my head.  I probably wouldn’t mind it so much if fun. didn’t get so much air play too.  I am just not a big fan of fun.  Nate Ruess just sounds like a man that just inhaled helium, and at the same time got kicked in the gonads.

Anyway, here is the video.



Microsoft Dumps it’s DRM policies

With Sony pretty much stealing E3 when they revealed that you can pretty much do whatever you wish with your games, and NOT having it connect to the interwebs once every 24 hours, Microsoft announced today that it will pull the plug on it’s initial DRM policies, and retain what it’s been doing with the XBox 360.  Meaning you can sell YOUR games, you can lend out YOUR games, and you can buy USED games.  Furthermore, XBox One will no longer need to phone home once every 24 hours to tell it’s parent’s that it’s not doing anything illegal.  XBox fans can now jump for joy.

The damage I think has been done, and I’m sure it has already lost some fans.  Who know’s if they will jump back, with it having a higher price tag also will sure still play a major role.  I feel that MS has not handled this all too well, and some comments made after the initial announcement will linger on to some of us.  I in particular didn’t like that one comment from Don Mattrick, stating that users without good internet connection can just stick to the XBox 360.  (see video)


I wonder if will get um….schitt canned.

And lastly, I just found out that some MS employees were sabotaging some Wii U displays at some Best Buy’s, saying things like ‘why buy a Wii U when the XBone will be out in a matter of months”.  Way to stick it to them eh MS.


I will probably buy a Wii U, well before I get an XBox One.  No matter, I made up my mind after Sony’s press conference at E3.  My Playstation 4 is pre-ordered.



Hey guys/gals I’ve been a little lax on posting lately, what with life and family duties and such but I HAVE been keeping up with MGS news as of late and have been formulating my own analysis on the latest trailer. I’ll have my own take on the current events of MGSV soon enough. Till then, if you haven’t seen it yet then you can watch Jack Bauer impersonate a primate in the clip below of the Konami Pre E3 show.

Here are a couple of examples of how Bauer can pull off being Big Boss. And might I add he can sell the hell outta some rations.