Day: September 2, 2013

I Am Solid Snake, Er, I Mean Street Fighter

If any of you know Street Fighter then perhaps some of you are like how I was, frequenting arcades, or in my case my then local comic shop, to peruse not just the new comics but to also see what arcade machines were recently installed by the owners of the establishment. My memories go back to the days of the fighting games, before any of these consoles really took over and became the digital equivalent of social gaming’s past. I used to hang out with friends and play on these arcade machines for hours on end, beating ad being beaten. Waiting to see who the next winners and losers were. Of the popular fighting games during that time Street Fighter II was the most popular and most engaging.

Capcom has put together a 72 minute documentary about Street Fighter and why people loved it back then and still love it total. Somehow, amidst all the shooters and multiplayer games of today, Street Fighter stands the test of time and is still enjoyed by gamers all over the world.

As this documentary can attest, Street Fighter, and fighting games in general, are here to stay 25 years later. I for one am happy that such a genre can still be enjoyed by one and all gamers.


Source: Joystiq



It looks like the Playstation 4 will be doing more than play games and sharing gameplay videos. Users will be able to issue navigational commands via voice as well as be able to recognize your ugly mug all via the Playstation Camera. There’s a demo clip at the bottom from GameStop Expo 2013. The clip is a bit off the cuff but gets the point across.

One thing that comes to mind is whether the PS Camera will also exploit user privacy, but that’s for another article entirely. For now use this demo to make an informed decision.

Source: Joystiq