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Batman: Arkham Knight – Impressions

image Not too long ago I picked up Rocksteady’s last installment on the Batman series.  Their take on the Batman franchise has been well coveted.  I do own the games for PC on Steam, as well as having, I think, Batman: Arkham City on PS3 via their PS+.  I picked up this game for the PlayStation 4


Playstation 4 Unboxing.

I am like all over the place here.  I am trying to set up my PS4, whilst trying to upload a video, and put this post together.  Anyway, I have yet to play anything, as of right now, I cannot log into my PSN account.

For now watch me unbox Sony’s new system.

Dual shock 4


I quickly took the unboxing video, and now we have to dub it, and do all this other stuff.  We also will try to get it to work with our PS3, as some reports state.  On super early impressions, it feels good, a bit bigger than the DS3, and a bit heftier, but not uncomfortable.  It does feel more ergonomic in the hands.  Shoulder buttons feel better placed and the analogs feel that much tighter.  The touchpad, can also be pressed, which I didn’t know.  In any case, here’s a quick comparo pic with my pretty dirty DS3.




Original Post:



We just picked up our very own dual shock 4 for Sony‘s upcoming PlayStation 4. We will have a hands on impressions up soon. Stay tuned.





It looks like the Playstation 4 will be doing more than play games and sharing gameplay videos. Users will be able to issue navigational commands via voice as well as be able to recognize your ugly mug all via the Playstation Camera. There’s a demo clip at the bottom from GameStop Expo 2013. The clip is a bit off the cuff but gets the point across.

One thing that comes to mind is whether the PS Camera will also exploit user privacy, but that’s for another article entirely. For now use this demo to make an informed decision.

Source: Joystiq