Quality Over Quantity


So it’s recently come to my attention that Xbox One will support eight controllers at the same time compared to the Playstation 4 which will only support four at this time. Depending on which system you all plan to get, if at all, this news is either good, bad, or meh.

Generally speaking, if you’re a fanboy for either console this news will stir some kind of debate. If you’re pro Xbox there might be joyous sounds of Huzzah all around. For those pro PS4 y’all might snicker and say “Who really gives a fuck?” I myself, while owning both a PS3 and 360 try to stay neutral yet I tend to favor one over the other. Usually it’s my PS3. And considering the fact that I’m already thinking to get a PS4 doesn’t help my case for neutrality. But for everyone else out there this might be a point of contention.

With both consoles being virtually evenly matched in tech specs and extras like the PS Camera and Kinect there’s hardly any real difference beside the fact that PS4 is $100 dollars cheaper or that each system has exclusive launch games coming out for them, respectively. This news of Xbox One supporting eight controllers as opposed to PS4 running with only 4 really is a moot point. Although, as my associate JezzaNorris has pointed out, this might only benefit Xboxers who play Madden all the time. Another point he made is that there’s no real purpose to have eight separate people in one room at the same time playing the same game, again unless they are playing Madden. He exclaimed, “how would it really work otherwise? 8-player split screen?” I concurred. What’s the point really? Seems like Microsoft wants to one-up Sony in any way possible. Imagine the possible occurrence in lag, unless the Xbox One can handle it all. But again what’s the point? Most consoles, old and current, have supported up to 4 players max at the same time and its been that way for years up to now. I suppose MS wants to really pave the way for new ground. But do we really need to? I feel otherwise. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. One thing that this Joystiq article does point out though, is that currently the PS3 supports up to 7 players at the same time versus the 360 making it with only 4 controllers.

Ok maybe there will be 8 player racers as well coming to the Xbox One exclusively, which points to the ‘usefulness’ of such an option. And if you have THAT MANY FRIENDS then I could see why it would be a necessity. But most of the gamers I know these days either enjoy single player games, co-op missions with a buddy, or share the same canvas with as many as 32 players and beyond during online multiplayer sessions. Maybe MS wants to extend that idea and bring it back full circle to where social gaming all started; with a couple of friends gaming in the living room, or in Xbox One’s case up to an 8 player ORGY.

Source: Joystiq


  1. I believe the PS3 supports seven controllers. I can’t say I’d ever used more than 4 (maybe five total with a controller and four instrunments on Rock Band?). Anyway, I can’t see what I’d need 8 controllers for. Seems like a non-issue.

    1. I also mention the 7 controllers on ps3. And I agree, I don’t know any real use of more than 4 players at a time during gameplay, even when racing or playing a footy game. I guess MS felt it necessary to include the option for future games, tho we still have yet to see what games will utilize such a back burner feature.

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