It’s here.

I can’t believe my ears.

My top three favorite bands now officially have five studio albums each.

Linkin Park: Hybrid Theory; Meteora; Minutes to Midnight; A Thousand Suns; Living Things.

The Strokes: Is This It; Room on Fire; First Impressions of the Earth; Angles; Comedown Machine

Arctic Monkeys: Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not; Favourite Worst Nightmare; Humbug; Suck It and See;

and finally… AM. Officially released in Australia on 6 September 2013, in Europe on 9 September 2013, and in America on 10 September 2013.

It’s already been certified gold in the UK after merely 5 days. This album is incredible.

To be quite honest, Alex Turner and his cronies never cease to impress with their music.

The album is now officially available on the Google Play Music Store, iTunes, and streaming on Spotify.

I highly recommend listening to it. The album has one hell of a sound.




  1. THE STROKES!!! I friggin love Their music! Is This It is the fuckin beezneez man. I listened to that during the better part of my college years. Linkin Park, fuhgeddabadit bro. Damn now i’m in the mood to listen to some tunes!

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