Yay! New MGSV TGS 2013 Demo Stuffs


Tokyo Game Show commenced yesterday and with it a few wonderful things. Among those wonderful things was the Metal Gear Solid V demo. Hideo Kojima was on hand demoing the Ground Zeroes portion of the game to TGS spectators.

The beginning of the demo was actually reminiscent of the nearly 15 minute demo that KONAMI showed over the summer:

[KONAMI Extended Demo]

In this new demo however we are treated to a host of new gameplay mechanics that weren’t previously available to the public until now. Check the clip below:

[New TGS 2013 Footage]

As with the previous Extended Demo above, this new demo still takes place in Camp Omega where we see Chico being held by Skull Face and his troops. It also still takes place at night during a rain storm. The graphics look as stunning as before, because FOX Engine.

[Please forgive the quality of the shots as I screen grabbed them on my phone. Not as clear as I’d hoped but gets the job done. Thanks!

New features include, though may not be limited to:

• Tagging enemies using binoculars. This looks similar to Peace Walker. Snake will thus know enemy positions at all times afterwards.


• Crouch walking and crawling comes back. Looking more fluid and natural.


• The Item/Weapon menu will pop up at the center of the screen when needed as opposed to the bottom left of the screen for Items and bottom right for Weapons. This is similar to Tomb Raider.


• Exclamation marks are back!


• Snake can pick up enemies and POWs and throw them over his shoulder. He now has the ability to actually sprint with them on his back. He can also shoot enemies while carrying someone. Time slows down when Snake is encountered by an enemy. Bullet-time ensues and Snake can shoot in slow motion where you can see your bullets creeping towards the enemy.


This tells me that the Fulton recovery balloon mechanic, where you place a balloon on the backs of downed enemies or POWs for easy chopper transport, will either be optional (as per Peace Walker) or may be eliminated altogether.


Consequently, this new mechanic is way easier (though not as easy as in PW) than “dragging” bodies around and hiding them or taking them to your truck (MGS2, MGS3, MGS4, MPO).


• Snake can take initiate ladder takedowns ala Peace Walker where while climbing a ladder, Snake can yank baddies from their watch towers.



• Snake can use spotlights to either find POWs or whereabouts of enemies he hasn’t tagged yet.


• Snake can interrogate enemies with multiple questions, knock them out, or kill them on site, which is all handled with contextual icons.


• Enemies can be used as human shields again. Hooray!


• iDroid mapping can be used to find suitable extraction points for Snake or POWs. The UI is also reminiscent of Tomb Raider.


• Enemies Snake carries can also be thrown at each other, similar to how Snake can do a CQC throw in Peace Walker using an enemy as a weapon.


• Snake can shoot from his transport chopper.


MGSV: Ground Zeroes seems to be shaping up and looking a-friggin-mazing. I seriously canNOT wait for this game to come out. In the meantime, I guess Snake will keep us waiting.

Source: MetalGear.net

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