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FINALLY!!! Hold on to your hats, ladies and gents, for you are about to be treated to a new MGSV trailer that, while the footage may be last summer, we all finally get to hear the English voice actors for the first time!

This trailer, which was shown over the summer, has now been enhanced to 1080p HD, 60 FPS, and most im-fucking-portantly, E N G L I S H voice actors! We finally get to hear Skull Face, Kaz Miller, and the main man himself, BIG FUCKING BOSS aka Snake! Have a gander at this awesome-dipped trailer below:

I don’t know about you guys but I got Goosebumps when I finally heard Kiefer Sutherland‘s voice utter that iconic line, “Kept you waiting, huh?” I totally wasn’t expecting it to sound as cool, gruff, and actually pretty smooth. I think KS totally fits the bill to voice Snake. Robert Atkin Downes who plays Kaz Miller sounds even more emotionally charged than he did in Peace Walker. He gives Kaz even more personality in MGSV which I’m sure players will appreciate. We also finally get to hear Skull Face’s voice actor by the name of James Horan, who incidentally plays a character in one of my current favorite toons, Transformers Prime, as Wheeljack, one of the dopest Bots on the show. I didn’t expect Skull Face’s voice to sound the way it does in this trailer. I feel it doesn’t go with his overall appearance and facial features. Currently the voice seems too subtle and straight forward. I was waiting for a more sinister, perhaps meaner, raspy, almost metallic voice. Basically I was ready to hear Steve Blum, who voiced Gene in Portable Ops and Galvez in Peace Walker, and again incidentally voices a character in Transformers Prime who we all love, Starscream. Maybe it’ll grow on me as here it more and more. But for now I cannot get enough of this trailer!

Now I consider myself one of the biggest MGS fans out there and own every MGS game iteration so far, up to the Legacy Collection that was just recently released exclusively to PS3. I honestly don’t think there are any characters out there in gaming that hypes me up more than Solid Snake and Big Boss. And who embodies those two legendary soldiers better than the original voice actor himself, David Hayter. He’s who made Snake, Solid and Naked, who he is today. His voice is synonymous with those two characters like how Peter Cullen’s is with Optimus Prime. Seriously, if Peter Cullen EVAR gets replaced you best believe WWIII is gonna go down!

When word got out that Hayter actually wasn’t voicing Snake for MGSV people started rioting in the streets and causing chaos and panic worldwide. People were eating babies. It was nuts. OK, maybe not riots and chaos, or babies being eaten, but the net was in an uproar once the news spread.

Then more news came out that Kiefer Sutherland was to be the new voice of Snake. There were mixed reactions. Some yays and some nays were pretty much ran the gamut of the whole issue. I for one, while a huge fan of Hayter‘s, felt that it would pretty cool for Sutherland to voice Snake. I’m open to this change because I’m also a fan of Kiefer’s, and because “24.” I suppose the only thing that upset me about the change is that Hayter was kind of blindsided by the situation and didn’t really get so much as a call from Kojima telling him what was going to happen. I get that Kojima, being the director/creator of MGS, reserves the right to not have to do anything of this nature, but its bad form IMHO.

Hey Kojima, want a really cool, unprecedented way to fix this AND keep everyone happy?? Let players choose the voices at will!! Maybe we can toggle Kiefer’s voice on and off. If we want Hayter we’d just switch to off. Now THAT would be the sickest MGS game feature EVER!!

Any way you slice it, though, MGSV really is starting to hit the “ground” running. It needs more time to have sure footing but once it gathers enough speed it’ll run out the gate like a “devil” outta hell!

You got the touch. You got the power.


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