Day: October 20, 2013

Earworm: Beethoven’s “Fifth Symphony” (NSFW)

Classical music puts me to sleep. It’s relaxing, it’s solid, it’s just what it is. Classic.

Twerking however…………. Twerking. It’s fantastic. Sometimes it can be what we kids today call “ratchet” but other times it can be classy.

I have no words.

Ladies and gentlemen, watch this when you can do it shamelessly. ClASSical performance right here.

Earworm: Banarama – Cruel Summer

Continuing our female earworm week, I give you an 80’s trio of women that pumped out a few hits. ┬áHere’s a catchy tune that’s sort of inline with our weather now. ┬áSome reason, summer temp’s are still creeping in, and I thought this song was very fitting.